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It's Officially Christmas

At least in the eastern time zone. Merry Christmas (Or non-denominational holiday) to you all! I have to admit I'm feeling a bit blah right now about it. Christmas Eve was not of the fun. I had to work while the administrators, attorneys, and secretaries got to skip coming in or leave early. The 'support staff' was not allowed to go. :(

How ridiculous was this? At 3:30 when I was passing out reimbursement checks (to people who had left hours before), large sections of the building were dark and the cleaning crew had come in to start cleaning. Kathy, who is the senior member of our department, finally told us at 4:30 to just go and mark down we worked until five.

I actually debated about staying since I had a huge pile of work to do. I finally said 'screw it, it can wait till Monday'. I'd had it with the unfairness of it all.

I was so drained when I got home I didn't feel like doing anything. On top of the work situation, my monthly visitor has arrived only adding to my crankiness. God help my mother tomorrow. Though, she swears my mood swings use to be much worse.

I had intended to watch my Firefly DVD's tonight but just didn't feel as if I could fully enjoy them. Did end up making a cake for dessert tomorrow night, didn't like the looks of it, and made another one. Really. Also did some cleaning and reorganizing so I'd feel as if I was at least accomplishing something. Doesn't really feel Christmas Eve-y though.

Oh, and in my cleaning, I found yet another Christmas gift for my Mom. This is the second one I forgot about and discovered accidently. Teaches me to start shopping months in advance. :p

Well, I hope I didn't bum any of you fine folks out. I'll be fine later, I'm sure, once I get some much needed sleep. Plus, I've saved that Hugh Jackman interview lynnb was kind enough to tape for me to watch when Mom is over. That combined with chocolate cake I'm sure will pick me right up. :)

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