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Too Tired to Think of a Title

Two posts in three days! Don't die of shock! This post will have far less content then my last. Usually, I spend the night before a trip running around, gathering items and packing them up. But, tonight, I've been dinking around on the internet, watching TV, and acquiring things to watch on the plane. ;) I did most of my packing last night and what I haven't packed I can't pack until tomorrow morning.

I had hoped to watch some more of The Wire, but I'm just too tired and too distracted. I'm through episode four of the second season. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the season after the first two episodes, but I'm starting to see (I think) what they are attempting to do. Plus, Amy Ryan! You can't go wrong adding her to the mix. I was so excited when Daniels started putting the band back together! Accept for poor MuNulty, though I'm sure he's either going to weasel his way back or Daniels will find a way to get him back. And all of it happened because of Prez! He totally knew how to play his father-in-law. And I love that Valchek's actions were self-serving and the result of a perceived slight, yet the new/old unit has the potential to do a lot of good. At least their jobs are now for more interesting.

I'm still having trouble getting into V. My main problems are Scott Wolf, Tyler, and Anna's "bliss", but if ABC is going to try to develop it's next Lost, I'd say go with V over Fastforward. And keep Hobbes around. I find him the most interesting character yet.

This is the first trip I've been on where I haven't had to think about what to DVR. I will be missing a few shows, but it dawned on me that I can catch them on Hulu, On Demand or a repeat showing, so why bother?

OK, now I should try and sleep. I shall see - for real - some of you soon. :)
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I really like how they use the cast on The Wire - they find ways of pulling the most of the team back every season (I'm only up to S3) but not everyone (but the rest are used outside the "team" or for other plots). It makes it feel more real.
I find Hobbes hot interesting, too. ;) Which probably means, given yours and my track record for the h... interesting men we love on shows, they'll find some way to underutilize him.