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I'm Baaaaaaack!

I'm home. The trip was fairly uneventful. Tiny bit of confusion involving Delta and Alaska Airlines. They're partners, but they don't communicate very well. And there was panic this morning when my beloved netbook seemed to be dying. But after terminating programs and three hard reboots it seems to be OK now. Phew! Then, I got home and listened to a message from my doctor's office telling me I need to call them RIGHT AWAY. Fortunately, my lab results came in the mail and it would seem their panic has to do with slightly elevated blood sugar. My doctor has a tendency to blow things out of proportion and schedule unnecessary follow up testing so I can see where this will be going tomorrow.

I will post about bitchinparty soonish. I'm much too tired this evening. I will say I miss everyone already. There is much woe. A few quick mentions:

sdwolfpup's Puplet is OMG, SO ADORABLE! And likes to chew on anything plastic. He may have also tried to strangle me, but I'm attributing that to him not knowing his own strength.

50mm is EVIL. danceswithwords and I have been sucked into Legend of the Seeker 'thanks' to her. I'm already prone to saying "Oh, Richard", a lot.

simplystars remains bitter about Torchwood (as I do about The X-Files or Alias) and we'll likely end up modding the "Not That I'm Bitter, BUT..." panel at bitchinparty 2012.

brynnmck was a wonderful con hostess/organizer who, thankfully, managed to tear herself away from the con yesterday to have lunch with us all.

OK, I will have more to say. For tonight, I shall leave you with this question: for DVD releases, do you know where Region 5 is? Did you know it existed? We didn't! Thanks to SyFy and James Marsters for enlightening us. ;)
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Region 5 is Russia, isn't it? I seem to remember the regions go something like:

Region 1 - US
Region 2 - Europe
Region 3 - Asia
Region 4 - Australia/NZ
Region 5 - Russia/India
Region 6 - China

I seem to remember there's a region 7 and region 8 as well, because I think region 8 is what they sell for aircraft carriers, oil rigs and other such locations that tend to be in international waters... but I can't remember what region 7 is. And it occurs to me that I don't know what regions South America and Africa are...

I know that I have lots of R2 stuff, some R1, and a little R5 dotted around on my DVD shelves.

It sounds like you've had a good trip :) You're already planning panels for 2012? It must be good if the panels for 2011 are already arranged...

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Region 5 is Eastern Europe, Russia, India and a large part of Africa. The fact finding mission was triggered by watching part of Supergator on SyFy. It made me wonder what had happened to James Marsters SyFy film since I had no recollection of it ever airing. Checking IMDB, I found a mention, in comments, of the film having been released in Region 5. My initial reaction was, "There's a region 5? Where the @#!? is that???" Then danceswithwords and I broke down in hysterical laughter after my Google search turned up the answer.

bitchinparty is held every two years. After myself and others spent so much time saying, "Not that I'm bitter, but..." about various shows (I had to bow out of the BSG criticism ;) I thought it sounded like a good idea for a panel. :)

Richard is very, very pretty and you know how I can be turned by a pretty face, but I don't even own Tru Calling! Yet. I'm satisfied with waiting for my supplier to come through. ;)
My rewatch yesterday convinced me that I am going to enjoy the heck out of every cheesy moment of this show. Which is a lot more than anyone can say for Tru Calling.\

Guess what I'm lobbying for us to do Friday night????

Sadly, my TV viewing plans for the day have been thwarted by a possible computer virus. HBO On Demand put the next batch of episodes of The Wire up a day early. And Netflix went ahead and shipped the last disc of Tru Calling (speaking of...) before I could move up The Wire in my queue. On the plus side, I'll soon be free of Eliza!

It looks like eps are on their way to me, so, with luck, we can watch episode 6 on Friday. Heaven help us.
If we all show up for the Farscape/Stargate/Firefly con, I think we know what will happen. ;)
Region 5 includes Russia, Y/Y? I know this owing to picking up a cheap R5 copy of "Bollywood Queen" to feed my James McAvoy lust back before he was big time. (It's always because of a pretty boy...)
Yes! Russia, Eastern Europe, India and parts of Africa. The region seems to be the dumping ground for bad movies. As I was saying to people, there is something worse than the dreaded "Direct to DVD" label. ;)
A package should arrive for you by the end of the week. :D

I'm already prone to saying "Oh, Richard", a lot.

But he's so dreamy! HEEE.

I just remembered who Richard reminds me of! Helo! Pretty, but prone to doing dumb things.

danceswithwords will need to bring her DVD player to Dragon Con. My spiffy chord will not work on the ancient Marriott TVs.

So when can we expect a 'Seeker' LJ resource post? ;)
You know, I've caught some episodes of Legend of the Seeker on the weekends. Looks like a nice, light fun show :)