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This Was Not the Post I Planned on Making

As you know, 50mm convinced danceswithwords and I to watch Legend of the Seeker. I should share blame in this since I suggested at bitchinparty we could watch some episodes in our room. Though it's their fault for keeeping me up until 3:00am this past Friday night/Saturday morning to continue watching. While danceswithwords became obsessive with a speed that would put the Stargate obsession to shame (imho :), I wasn't getting quite as excited about the show. Yes, it was enjoyable and, yes, Richard and Kahlan are hot and have awesome chemistry together, but I wasn't feeling compelled to speed through the episodes this weekend. But, being very much spoiled for the show (I've watched bits and pieces of various episodes over the past two years), I opted to watch the latest episode, 'Vengeance', this afternoon. And near the end of the episode came the, "Well, damn, I'm hooked" moment. Somewhat surprisingly, it had nothing to do with Richard and Kahlan's relationship.

Before I get to The Moment, a few other observations...

I love Cara. Her snark is AWESOME. And she's hot. And she says what I'm thinking. Seriously, some stranger shows up claiming to have just the information Richard needs and he welcomes him into the group. I'd be rolling my eyes too. Oh, Richard.

I don't know what made Cara switch teams - and by that I mean switching from 'I'm going to kill the Seeker!' to 'I'm going to protect the Seeker!' - but I have a thing for characters who decide to do the right thing, yet make no apologies for their past. (See: Spike, Aeryn and Caprica Six.) Now, Cara is added to the list. :)

There was a massive information dump in this episode which I'm told is not atypical. That I was able to follow it all is impressive, even if it did make my head hurt a bit. I find it rather ridiculous how complicated Richard's family tree is. I knew he was Zed's grandson and Darken Rahl's half brother and that at the end of Season 1 Richard killed Darken (I'm not sure if either knew the family connection at the time, but given all the Star Wars parallels, it was likely). I also seem to recall Richard met his mother, briefly, before she was killed. And now we (or maybe just I) find out that...takes a deep breath...Richard's father killed his great grandfather because his great grandfather 'killed' his half brother to try and stop the prophecy from coming true, but fate and destiny are bitches and every action everyone has taken has only led to the prophecy/prophecies coming true! Phew!

I loved that just when you thought Zed was off the hook for all the badness we learn he made Rahl Sr. not sterile. But, as Richard pointed out (Richard made a good point!), if not for Zed's actions HE wouldn't be there. And strikeCraig Horner</strike> Richard is far too pretty to not be in the world.

I'm not entirely clear who the Red Dress Cult is, but wearing bright red dresses in a fight at night? Really? That's not very stealthy of you, ladies.

So, what finally got to me was the moment between Richard and his dying father. Richard just cannot cut a break when it comes to meeting his long lost family. I actually found myself getting a bit weepy during the scene and it was due to Craig and John Rhys-Davies. The latter is a fine actor who has had the misfortune of getting stuck doing SyFy Saturday schlock in recent years. Craig, who I know nothing of outside of 'Seeker', I can see has grown as an actor from the pilot until now. What occurred to me was that some pretty face (with unbelievably cut abs), but no talent would have completely overplayed that scene. Instead of playing the moment as grief for the loss of a father he loved, but never knew, which would have been, to me, unbelievable, Craig/Richard played it as grief the loss of possibility of getting to know - and love - the father he never knew. I suddenly saw depth in the show I had not seen before.

I must say, the stars, Craig, Bridget Reagan and Bruce Spence, really raise the bar for the series. When the leader of the Red Dress Cult was saying her lines, I found the dialogue laughable. But the three force me to focus on them and the characters and distract from me fully realizing how ridiculous what they are saying actually is.

Plus, the show is very pretty!

ETA: I just finished the Season 1 episode, 'Sacrifice', and there was an interesting parallel with 'Vengeance'. Zed argues for killing the baby for precisely the same reasons his father killed Darken Rahl. Which, I had I watched this episode when it aired, I would have been, "No! You can't kill the baby!" And I'm still very much against killing the baby (Who I loved slept through all the drama going on around him. Hee!), but I was more inclined to see why the Mother Confessor was so bent on killing him.

Also, Richard holding the baby? Are you trying to make my ovaries hurt, show?

I FINALLY finished Tru Calling this morning. It's taken me awhile to make my way through Season 1. I'm SO GRATEFUL Matt Bomer has landed on a good show. The last two episodes I found particularly painful to watch.

I don't know if someone on the show was pissed off at Matt, but Luc's hair, which was not great throughout Season 1, was terrible in the last two episodes. For some reason they opted to not wash it, cut it, or run a comb through it. And while it's seemingly impossible to make Matt unattractive, they did make it hard for me to focus on him.

Then, Luc dies, senselessly and rather stupidly. I mean, don't people ask for help because they have unfinished business in their life/it's not their time to go? Shouldn't Luc have asked Tru for help? And since when was another death required in exchange for saving a person? That was a new guideline thrown in. But the biggest WTF for me was having an open casket at the grave. OK, I have not been to too many funerals, but when does this ever happen? It seems there would be laws about having a body exposed like that in public.

I must also complain about poor Lindsay's storyline. She dated Harrison for months and wasn't all that upset to learn he was shot. Then there was the rushed marriage and tacky, showing too much skin wedding dress. And someone needed to explain to Tru that semi-casual does not mean she can show up to a wedding in a see through lace tank top and denim skirt! Argh. So infuriating.

Why is it actors I like have a tendency to die on screen? First there was Jamie's many screen death's and now Matt!

Now I have a conundrum as to what to watch next. I have Traveler sitting on the netbook. Law & Order: UK is in the DVD player. I have two discs full of Legend of the Seeker episodes. Netflix will be shipping more of The Wire to me next week. And I still have some stuff on the DVR I need to watch. I went from having nothing to watch to too much!

Finally, I feel compelled to say that while I have yet another new fandom toy, Legend of the Seeker, and I talk a lot about White Collar and Matt Bomer, rest assured, Jamie is still number one in my fandom heart. He's good looking, talented and, from my experiences, a nice guy. And, this morning, I realized I really respect some of the choices he's made, even if they make my life a little more difficult. ;)
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