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Very Important Tweet for 'Justifeid' Fans

From Alan Sepinwall: @sepinwall: FX has ordered a 2nd season of "Justified"

WOO, and may I add, HOO! Score two (Southland being one) for quality, SCRIPTED television.

And God bless cable. :)

ETA: The Televisionary has posted the press release from FX.
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Should you? WHY AREN'T YOU ALREADY??? I'll forgive you missing the last couple of episodes because your hubby was home, but you have no excuse before that! Timothy Olyphant was born to play US Marshall Raylan Givens. He's smart, funny, sexy, and likes to shoot people. Or, I should say, he has a habit of being in situations where he has to shoot people. But the shootings are justified. Get it? ;) The supporting cast is great. The stories can be uneven, some weeks are stronger than others, but I can't say I dislike a single character, even the bad guys. So, go catch up!
I still think Southland is way overrated - oh my, a gritty cop show. Yawn. It's done well enough, and isn't as yawn inducing as The Bridge (which I guess is equally well done), but it's still everything we've already seen before.

Of course, so is The Legend of the Seeker, yet it's currently the only thing like itself on TV, so you should be rooting for that, not Cop Show #6437. :P

OTOH, if the show gets canceled, maybe they can just start up a new one with the same cast/crew that's not tied to source material written by a sleezegoblin ayn rand fanatic whose contribution to the genre was "how about if we have rival dominatrix factions?"
Haven't we seen EVERYTHING before? It's just a matter of putting an interesting spin on the material or doing it really, really well. I'm not a huge fan of cop shows, so it's the characters that keep me tuned in.

Should be rooting for Seeker?! Have you seen my previous posts??? I even chipped in on the ad. When looking at Variety, think of me!

whose contribution to the genre was "how about if we have rival dominatrix factions?"

Wait. I thought the evil chickens were his contribution to the genre? That has the dominatrix cults beat in my book.
"When looking at Variety, think of me!"

Lol, I was: I just couldn't help sniping at Southland. I'm fairly tired of it this season and I don't understand how it's actually gaining momentum.

"I thought the evil chickens were his contribution to the genre?"

I only know one person who read the book, and by that, just the first one, after which I heard it snowballed into utter insanity. I just can't believe that Raimi needed to hitch his wagon to something fairly obscure by even fantasy genre standards at this point in his career just to get a show on the air.
OK, I'll give southland ONE thing, though, that picture of the hammer is the creepiest half second of TV on the air.