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Very Important Tweet for 'Justifeid' Fans

From Alan Sepinwall: @sepinwall: FX has ordered a 2nd season of "Justified"

WOO, and may I add, HOO! Score two (Southland being one) for quality, SCRIPTED television.

And God bless cable. :)

ETA: The Televisionary has posted the press release from FX.
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Should you? WHY AREN'T YOU ALREADY??? I'll forgive you missing the last couple of episodes because your hubby was home, but you have no excuse before that! Timothy Olyphant was born to play US Marshall Raylan Givens. He's smart, funny, sexy, and likes to shoot people. Or, I should say, he has a habit of being in situations where he has to shoot people. But the shootings are justified. Get it? ;) The supporting cast is great. The stories can be uneven, some weeks are stronger than others, but I can't say I dislike a single character, even the bad guys. So, go catch up!