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Very Important Tweet for 'Justifeid' Fans

From Alan Sepinwall: @sepinwall: FX has ordered a 2nd season of "Justified"

WOO, and may I add, HOO! Score two (Southland being one) for quality, SCRIPTED television.

And God bless cable. :)

ETA: The Televisionary has posted the press release from FX.
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Haven't we seen EVERYTHING before? It's just a matter of putting an interesting spin on the material or doing it really, really well. I'm not a huge fan of cop shows, so it's the characters that keep me tuned in.

Should be rooting for Seeker?! Have you seen my previous posts??? I even chipped in on the ad. When looking at Variety, think of me!

whose contribution to the genre was "how about if we have rival dominatrix factions?"

Wait. I thought the evil chickens were his contribution to the genre? That has the dominatrix cults beat in my book.
"When looking at Variety, think of me!"

Lol, I was: I just couldn't help sniping at Southland. I'm fairly tired of it this season and I don't understand how it's actually gaining momentum.

"I thought the evil chickens were his contribution to the genre?"

I only know one person who read the book, and by that, just the first one, after which I heard it snowballed into utter insanity. I just can't believe that Raimi needed to hitch his wagon to something fairly obscure by even fantasy genre standards at this point in his career just to get a show on the air.
OK, I'll give southland ONE thing, though, that picture of the hammer is the creepiest half second of TV on the air.