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Jamie Bamber to Star in the BBC's 'Outcasts'


Jamie Bamber will be staring in the BBC's major new eight-part SF drama'Outcasts'. Jamie will be playing "Mitchell Hoban, Head of the Expeditionaries – progressive and ambitious." The show also stars a lot of other cool people and I realized this project sounded familiar when I saw Eric Mabius's name. He was cast a couple weeks back.

The series is currently filming in South Africa, which is probably why Jamie has been flying under my radar recently. No word on a US network carrying the show, but I'm guessing BBC America will pick it up.

Have I mentioned I AM VERY EXCITED! :D
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Eeeeeeeeee! Awesome!!

Amused that Mabius is in this too, I always thought he looked like the third Adama brother. *g*

And could that synopsis sound any more like a tag to BSG? ;P Maybe the Outcasts were just on the other side of the planet from the Colonials (heck, maybe they snagged all that technology instead of letting it fly into the sun! Lee was actually Mitchell the sleeper agent!)

(don't mind me, I'm just excited for more Bamber!!)
Plot? There's a plot??? It just read "Blah, blah, blah, Jamie Bamber, blah, blah" to me. ;)
Amused that Mabius is in this too, I always thought he looked like the third Adama brother. *g*

THIS. Yes. Exactly. To a distracting degree for me.

This is awesome. *dances*

Thank you asta! Whooo, South Africa. I bet Jamie loves that. ;-)

*twirls you madly*

I hadn't heard about this show until tonight, but it sounds awesome! And with Jamie in it? I'm there!
Jamie could star in crap and I would be there...and have been there. ;p But this sounds very promising!

I hope Jamie and Eric's characters are somehow related because I was all but unable to watch Ugly Betty because Eric reminded me of Jamie so much. I was like "COME ON. YOU ARE A CHEAP AMERICAN JAMIE CLONE." Maybe I'm the only one who sees it.

I was never struck by a resemblance between Jamie and Eric, but since so many people have commented on it, it must be there!

And I, too, am amused since the Bamber/Mabius resemblance has been a topic of discussion for quite some time! Now we'll get a nice side-by-side comparison with their shirts off
Maybe there will be showers and towels involved. We can call it a "homage" to BSG. ;-)

I shall have to keep an eye out for any promo material here I can send you for it.
WOO! Cool! And a a big THANK YOU in advance. :) Hey, maybe you can even bring some stuff to DC with you? :D
I'd be happy to :) Let me know if you see anything out in circulation you'd like a copy of - I only tend to buy about three newspapers a week, as it takes me a good couple of hours to read the Times, but i'm happy to romp around picking things up :)

And I'll need something to read on the flight to D*C, yes?
It's hard to believe DC is only about three months away! It always seems to sneak up on me.

Since 'Outcasts' is being broadcast on BBC America I'm hopeful will have some press on this side of the Atlantic as well. Jamie and Eric Mabius would be two of the most recognizable names here.
Ooooh! Dude, I totally had no idea this even existed but will DEFINITELY have to check it out! I've been hurting for new SciFi shows and that plus Jamie Bamber = must see. Plus! A chance to hear his own accent in a show I'm actually interested in! ;)

Thanks for the heads up!
I just read this at IO9, and immediately thought, I wonder if Asta knows this yet. :)
Hmm, I only see one exclamation point per sentence so I'm not really sensing all that much excitement ;-)