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So my plan to post at least once a week has been, thus far, a failure. I believe it's been two weeks. At least it had less to do with apathy and more to do with being busy.

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a planner. Vacation plans are made months in advance. I have to think and rethink and price check and make spreadsheets (OK, making spreadsheets may only be applicable to Dragon*Con). But when, about two weeks ago, I heard about the Paley Center's White Collar panel June 1 in New York City I turned into spur of the moment girl and threw together a trip.

When I calculated the expense of going to NYC for just a few days, my frugality took over and I realized I could not do it. Which made me sad, if less poor. But as I was getting ready to abandon all hope, 50mm stepped in to provide me with an affordable option. Turns out it's a lot less expensive to travel to DC, spend some time hanging out with her (and visit a city I have never been to), then travel by bus to NYC and stay overnight. Woo!

My time in NYC will be brief. I arrive Tuesday afternoon and leave Wednesday morning and I have the panel Tuesday night (I may have an extra ticket if anyone is interested), but if any of my NY friends want to attempt to meet up, let me know!

And I'll be in DC Saturday night through Monday. Likely, I'll be dragging 50mm around during touristy stuff, but we'll need to eat some time so, again, if anyone wants to try meeting up, let me know.

TV! I'm still a bit behind on Doctor Who. The last episode I saw was 'Vampires of Venice' which was quite enjoyable. Rory is quite awesome. And, in distant 'Who' past, did The Doctor travel with more than one companion? I always like it when The Doctor has more than one person traveling with him.

Community: The last two episodes didn't live up to the awesomeness of 'Modern Warfare', but how could they?

I'm glad they found a way to keep Senor Chang around, although it was very convenient he waited until the end of the season to broach the subject of phony degrees with Jeff. And there was no indication that the dean was on to him so why mention it to anyone at all? (It was also convenient that in tha same episode we learn Annie records all her classes.)

On a related note, are we supposed to ignore the fact that community colleges are generally two year schools? I thought the writers would address that at some point, until Jeff started talking about his four year plan.

Jeff/Annie! I'm intrigued as to where this might go. I do see more chemistry (and humor) with them compared to Jeff/Britta, but there is the age difference (of the characters) and questioning what exactly it is they see in each other (other than the physical).

House: Surprisingly, the show got better towards the end of the season. I didn't feel ragey at all! Though, not thrilled with a certain plot development or House consistently falling back into old patterns. The writers seem terrified of letting their characters evolve.

Chuck: The most enjoyable part of the Monday's finale was tweeting with sweet_ali. Casey was awesome and Awesome was.....pretty great. However, I felt frustrated by the rest, especially the retcon. And I still miss Bryce Larkin. ;)

'After the Fall' – It's amazing how far Buddy has come and, in turn, my affection for him. Buddy has his share of faults, but, for him, the Panthers aren't just a football program. The Panthers have meant friends and family and when he sees that family torn apart by a self serving, manipulative ass like Joe McCoy, he acts.

Tami, once again, shows her awesomeness. When Joe threatens to report the mailbox, thus endangering, to his mind, her husband's state championship, she points out it will effect ALL championships, including those won by the boosters sitting at Joe's table as well as those of their children.

Part of me wanted to shake Luke and tell him there is no crying in football, at least until you win a championship; part of me understood he was facing losing his chance at a college scholarship and a life outside of Dillon.

'In the Skin of a Lion' – Eric wasn't supposed to take the East Dillon coaching job. It was a joke. Ouch. And so much for the schools being equal.

Again, loving Buddy. Apparently, his breaking point is hearing Tami called a “bitch”. And now Eric has a booster in his corner because, while Eric may be a terrific coach, he sucks at raising money.

I had no expectations of Eric putting together a winning team this season. It comes down to the small victories - putting points on the board and turning a blown play into a touchdown. And I love the look on Eric's face acknowledging sometimes it's as much about luck as talent.

'Unbroken': An AU where everything seems better than reality. Of course, this mean waiting 45 minutes until we learn the AU is, in fact, worse than reality.

So Cara wasn't turned to the dark side by Darth Vader broken by Darken Rahl, but powerful magic was at work on her. That was a quick retcon.

'Oh, Richard' Moment: Richard fails to comprehend that forcing your brother to bow to your will is not the same as having his loyalty and does not make you friends.

More unbelievable? He and Kahlan waiting a year to have sex.

Cool to revisit the first season finale. Not so cool is the bad wig Craig H is forced to wear.

Winner of the Worst Nickname Ever Award: Jennsen AKA “The Pristinely Ungifted One”.


Cara looked happier as a Mord Sith than single mother of two. I guess kids will do that to you.

Richard, you cannot build an effective power base by putting three boxes together.

'Tears': So, 'Eternity' and 'Unbroken' are swiftly rendered meaningless. Cara wasn't broken, cursed or forced to be a single mother to two rowdy children. And her relationship with Dahlia never happened, which is problematic.

Awesome though is Cara's “Who's in charge?” I've wanted to do that to people myself. ;)

Nikki 2.0! In a new outfit! And too much eyeliner! I guess they needed to be sure we knew she was evil.

Part of Nikki's master plan involves starting a new race with Richard. Who in the Midlands doesn't want to get into his pants? (Not that I blame them.)

The Keeper has taken up residence in the little boy, sole survivor of the slaughter of his village, insuring the prophecy (the first one, not the second or third and most succinct one), would come true. Who didn't see that coming? Richard, of course.

Shortly thereafter Richard literally becomes blind. Yet, still successfully fights the Sisters of the Dark! I don't know whether to find that cool or ridiculous.

Our Merry Band has spent the entire season traversing the Midlands, crossing into other realms and creating alternate realities and all Kahlan had to do was get really upset and shed a tear to create another Stone of Tears. She should have stabbed Richard sooner!

I appreciated that it was all four of them that climbed the stairs to the pillars and placed the stone there. Richard has proved time and again he can't do it alone.

As I understand it, the greatest love of all loophole that allows Richard and Kahlan to be together is in the books. Though, as depicted in the series, I thought Kahlan had to touch as well as look into the eyes of an individual in order to confess them. I assumed it was Richard's blindness that made him immune. But Zedd informs us that no magic is more powerful than the love Richard and Kahlan have for each other. ::rolls eyes::
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