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Looks Like Jamie is Making an Effort to See Me ;)

So, Jamie was just announced as a guest for Dragon Con. I refuse to get too excited about this. Out of three scheduled appearances, he's had to cancel twice. I'm not bitter about that, he's an actor, he gets a job, it happens. And while I would certainly look forward to seeing him should he be able to make it, I now am looking at line sitting (which I thought I would be avoiding this year) and sitting through panels with EJO. Joy.

Dragon Con did do a Law & Order panel a few years ago. I'm crossing my fingers for a repeat.
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and sitting through panels with EJO
Ahahaha, my reaction was first "Yay, Jamie!!" and then "Wait, now I have to go to the All the BSG Characters I Hate panel and listen to EJO talk about penises and the UN, and Aaron Douglas talk about snapping wimmin's necks?" :p
I'm really not trying to think too much about this until we are closer to the con. I've been burned before! :p

Maybe this is a sign they are working to get more BSG actors? He could bring James with him! Oh! And he could also do a Eureka panel! And maybe Mary and Tricia could stop by? ::crosses fingers::
I'm trying not to think too much about any of it! I'm sure Jamie only signed on because right now he has a hole in his schedule, but that could change. Then I would be back to a lot of free time. And avoiding EJO. ;)
*crosses fingers for you*

I wish I could go this year, but timing is not so great. :P Maybe next year....
I was just wondering last night if you were going this year. I'm disappointed I won't be seeing you there, but I know you'll be having your own special guest at home. :)
It will probably not surprise you that, as I was talking to my editor about ideas for panels/events I want to cover at SDCC this year, I briefly flirted with the idea of saying "And if you want anyone to really branch out and oh, cover a con on the other side of the continent, I'm SO down." It took me about a nanosecond to squelch the idea, tho. ;)