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They're Back! :)

As predicted, White Collar would get me back in the habit of weekly posts. ;) These are my somewhat immediate thoughts. I did watch the repeat airing (thus being severly sleep deprived this morning) and I stuck around for the premiere of Covert Affairs. I enjoyed that show more than I expected too (and Piper irritated me far less than I expected!). The show is derivative of Alias, yet well made with a good supporting cast and I'm likely to leave it on after White Collar. Now, on to THE show...

I’m a bit confused with the timeline and the missing two months. The writers are being asked questions about it which means they didn't do their job (sorry guys) it making the situation clear. It looks like Neal was supposed to be in jail for two months, which, given he was looking to make bail I find a hard time believing he just sat there waiting for the FBI to get the paperwork to reinstate him in order. I also don't believe on his first day back he could pull off the bank heist. I'll have to assume Peter visited hm often and was having him consult on the case and help him and the team prep the security test.

I was also a bit confused about June's comment about not being able to stand the thought of Neal in that motel. I guess she meant he would be forced to live there if she didn't take him back in.

Peter got a new suit. Seems Neal has had an influence on him, at least when it comes to fashion. ;)

Tim Matheson did an awesome job directing the episode. The show always looks gorgeous, but he worked in some incredible shots we’ve never seen used before on White Collar. My favorites: the overhead view of the park when Peter and Mozzie first meet. The multiple Neals as Neal and Mozzie review the documents they’ve collected. And Neal and Peter climbing the fire escape outside the bank (and via someone I know who saw a screener, the entire scene was not in the original cut).

I also couldn’t stand Edward, so Tim did a great job on the acting front as well. :)

The bank sequence in the teaser was brilliant. The plan was well executed. The music and editing were perfect. And while I knew Neal had to be working for the FBI again (if he wasn’t it would ruin the premise of the series), everyone involved did a good job of trying to make you believe Neal might have opted not to take the deal.

While I don’t want Neal to change dramatically from the reforming con we know and love (well, I love him), I really appreciate Neal dealing with post-traumatic stress and being a bit off his game. In addition to making the character more layered and interesting, it gives Matt Bomer some meatier material to work with. Yes, he’s a very pretty face, but there are some acting chops there as well.

At first I didn’t understand why Mozzie seemed even more paranoid than usual. He's been to Peter’s house, twice, so all the precautions he was taking in meeting him seemed excessive. But given Kate’s (supposed) death, Neal almost being blown up and Moz's close association with both, yeah, I guess I can see why he was acting as he was. Plus, it was funny!

I always assumed Mozzie was derived from part of his real name, but if it’s just a nickname….hmmmm…..

I LOVE Neal and Diana together. Not in THAT way. ;p I think I like the idea of Neal having female friends who can resist his charms and will hold no punches with him. I also like the idea of him having more allies at the bureau and the entire team welcoming his input and contributions. It was obvious they had quickly settled into a productive working rapport and the fist pump was very cute.

I’m trying very hard to be forgiving of the terrible green screen. I know Tiffani was pregnant and couldn’t travel and I appreciate the writers working her into episodes because, if she were to be MIA for half a season, that would be much harder for the writers - and fans - to deal with. Still, it was distracting.

So, Neal Caffrey looks like Matt Bomer, is intelligent, charming, well traveled and Whitney is going to be scared off because he’s a convicted bond forger on parole? Seriously???

Given everything that happened in ‘Out of the Box’, it makes sense that both Peter’s job and Neal’s deal are tenuous. However, given how many times Neal was threatened with going back to prison last season, I’m rather tired of hearing about it.

I want to stress I in no way think Neal is playing Peter. Peter and Neal, during the course of the episode, both referred to the other as a friend. In ‘Vital Signs’ Neal confessed there was no one Neal trusted more than Peter. But I’m not completely convinced Neal’s admission that he no longer wanted to run and he sees he has a life in NYC is totally honest. This was coming soon after Diana told Neal that Peter’s job was on the line because he had trusted Neal’s lead. Part of me feels Neal wanted to reward Peter for his faith in him and so he told Peter what he knew he wanted to hear. Yet, I do believe Neal wants to be settled and not be on the run for his entire life. He wanted to settle down with Kate. And I don't believe Peter should be worried about Neal running. Neal wants to know who killed Kate and because she is (supposedly) dead, he has no one to run off with.

I aslo found it interesting as they were watching the news of the bank alarms going off all over town, Neal states, "He’s spreading us thin." The "us" stuck with me. He's seeing himself as part of the FBI.

The faked bickering in the bank vault? OMG, HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT SCENE! The writing? Brilliant! The acting? Brilliant! But I also love that it had layers. It said so much about them and their relationship. They know each other so well. A glance down at the table and dye pack and Peter knew where Neal was going. And Neal can start performing and Peter can quickly follow his lead. But there was truth to their 'argument'. As much as they like and admire each other, they do get on each others nerves. There were elements of truth to what each was the extent I'm wondering if Peter really has an unwritten novel in his head!

On the downside, I saw Renee as the inside woman from the beginning.

Neal and the Fedora. The hat trick was a nice call back to the pilot.

Favorite Lines:

Neal: “The infamous Caffrey and Burke. We’d be legends.”
Peter: “I can see the wanted posters now, but it would be Burke and Caffrey."

Neal: “Hell hath no furry like a Fed scorned.”

Peter: “Jones has excellent penmanship.”

Neal: “For the record it’s a marathon and not a sprint.”
Peter: “And he would know.”

Oh, and the final scene? It reminded me too much of ‘Free Fall’ and “Evil” Peter. I’m sorry, but they are not making Marsha a series regular and then making her one of the bad guys. Maybe Peter is having her hold it. I’m not going to think too much about it because it’s all a red herring.
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