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White Collar: Withdrawal (More Thoughts)

Things I need to talk about: Inception, various TV shows I'm watching (or decided not to watch), and my new blu-ray player. What am I going to talk about now: White Collar! I have some additional thoughts on 'Withdrawal' after watching it *ahem* a few more times and since we have another episode airing later today I felt I should do my brain dump now.

One thing that didn't hit me on first viewing was Peter's conversation with Neal in jail was only days, maybe a week, after the explosion and Kate's (presumed) death. It seems Peter was making every effort to keep the conversation light, as was Neal, as they joked about ties and coffee. It struck me as a very protective thing to do.

I'm also now able to rationalize the two months Neal was apparently in jail. Peter stated there was a "possibility" he could reinstate the deal. It's totally plausible he had to spend time trying to re-sell the agreement to the FBI. Hughes would likely have had to be brought in to back up Peter. Records would have had to be reviewed. And I think it's possible they had experts brought in to verify Neal did not forge the documents Fowler gave him.

I really love the smile Mozzie has on his face after Neal and June's exchange. I wonder if June visited Neal in jail? I bet she wanted to, but I could see Neal not wanting her to come there.

I remain a bit confused as to why Peter was in quite as much trouble as he supposedly was for bringing in an FBI swat team after Neal's tip. After all, they did find someone had broken in and planted a clock. You'd think the FBI would be pissed someone was screwing with ALL of them.

Neal, I love you, but you made an agreement with the FBI and you really should have brought up the other way to break into the bank. He deserved a lecture on that omission.

Neal also didn't return the bank employee's security badge, which, again, Bad Neal!, but it was also rather sloppy of the FBI and the bank to not account for it.

Did Neal have a death wish? Chasing after the guys with guns seems a bizarre choice otherwise.

Renee's cut of the money contained bundles with dye packs. Did Edward do that on purpose to ruin her share? And it's not like she could go to the cops and implicate him without implicating herself.

kernzelda mentioned in my other post the lack of follow-up after the discovery of the inside woman. Did Edward use employees on his other jobs? It would certainly make his accomplishments far less impressive. And didn't the FBI look at the possibility before that The Architect was using employees?

I have to share a Twitter story because it's an example of why Twitter is so awesome and the White Collar folks in particular. The other night, Jeff Eastin posted some photos of the writers working. Myself and some others commented on a great pair of shoes one of the (female) writers was wearing. I went I step further and asked if we could find out the designer/brand. And he asked her! And shared the information! OK, turns out the shoes are a bit out of my price range, but it's still pretty cool to get that kind of service. :)
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