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White Collar: By the Book

I have a new favorite Season 2 episode! The writers are on a role. Which probably means a clunker is coming up. Oh, well, no series is perfect. Not even Friday Night Lights. Season 2, what Season 2?

Going into 'By the Book', I knew it was a Mozzie-centric episode, but I had no idea we'd be given quite so much information! There were references to hobbies, besides paranoia and chess (he reads murer mysteries and has a bookie). He suffers from a seemingly mild form of OCD (rearranging the table at the diner and ordering the same breakfast everyday). He has perfect recall (which makes him an incredibly valuable asset to Neal and potentially the FBI). He doesn't have Neal's gift for wooing, though he's taken a page from his playbook (the word play). And he's crushing on Gina, which is what puts the story in motion.. (He's also so smitten with her, he apparently was oblivious to Neal following him at some point.)

Almost everything revealed about Mozzie fit the character for me. There is one exception. Maybe. Mozzie disarming the guy pointing the gun at him. Now, I thought Willie did a great job with the takeaway. Tim./Peter's reaction was perfect. And it was a rare moment in which the show surprised me. But I am having trouble figuring out when and how Moz would have learned to do something like that. Unless it's somehow tied in with Neal's expertise yet dislike of guns? Hence, my maybe. But Moz's reaction even seemed beyond Neal's skill set. Yes, Neal can shoot well, but he's quick to put his hands up and surrender when someone has a gun pointed at him. Hey, I had to nitpick on something. ;)

By episodes end, Mozzie, doubter of the trustworthiness of The Suit and the system, plans to head to the bureau with Neal and Peter. Hee. I'm sure Moz still has little faith in the government and will continue to see conspiracies ate every turn. However, since 'Withdrawal' we've seen Moz come to believe Peter cares about Neal. And now Peter saved his ass, as well as Gina's, I can believe Moz has faith in him.

While 'By the Book' was definitely Moz's episode, it also provided for some very interesting - and perhaps life changing - moments for Neal. Early on, Neal realized he and Moz were in over their heads. He grew irritated with Moz, even a little angry, as he put himself on the line for him. Could Neal be seeing that what Moz was putting him through is what he frequently puts Peter through? Could he be gaining an understanding of Peter's frustration with him? Could he now sympathize with Peter? And did the writers want us to see all this or is it wishful thinking on my part?

I was thrilled when it was revealed Neal was meant to make the connection and so were we. The scene in the car between Neal and Peter was one of my favorites. Neal confesses he's not slept since the ordeal began. His stomach hurts. His mouth is dry. He's worried and stressed and it's taking a toll on him. Peter doesn't explicitly say it, but I think Neal understands Peter knows the symptoms because he's experienced them himself since partnering with Neal.

If Neal's comprehension was at all iffy in the car, the final scene between the two men left no doubt he got it. “How many dinners with Elizabeth have you missed because of me?" Neal realizes Peter has sacrificed time with the person he loves more than anybody because of Neal (and as Peter's lunch with El proved, even when he's with her, his mind tends to wander to Neal). It's time Peter will never get back. It's an epiphany for Neal, but the question remains, will it stick?

I don't believe Neal will change his behavior overnight. He's lived his life his way for quite a long time. But if he actually begins to think about the consequences of his actions and how he could be affecting others before he acts, it's a step in the right direction and sign of a growing maturity. We shall see.

I'm sure a hundred fanfics will now be written about Neal, Peter and The Pen. ;) Peter announcing the pen as a reward and Neal's reaction (“I want that pen.”) was a cute moment, but also a telling one. The pen is a symbol of many things for Neal. It's proof of outwitting a room full of FBI agents. It's taking a valued possession from Peter. (Literally taking. I think we all saw the stealing of it coming.) But it's also Neal feeling more and more a part of the team. It's Peter's pen. It's a reward given out by the FBI at Quantico. It's something everyone else desires getting their hands on. It's showing he's one of them. Neal lit up when every person in the conference room turned to him to look for insight as to how to catch Tommy. I don't think Neal would – or could – claim to be smarter than Peter, but he does want to be seen as an equal.

Random Observations:

Agent Blake. I hope we see him again. Not that I fell in love with the character or want him to take screen time away from Jones or Diana, but I like knowing the team rather than having a bunch of nameless people sitting around the conference room table.

I always assumed Neal's access on the FBI's computers was limited, but I was glad to have it confirmed. Now, someone just needs to tell Blake he doesn't take orders from the ex-con. ;)

“She meets you and suddenly I become the quirky friend.” A funny line, yet it demonstrates Moz is, in fact, intimidated by Neal's looks and charm and fears being compared to Neal in those departments.

Neal's “Oh my God” as he backed up against the wall cracked me up. Matt's delivery and expression was perfect.

I squeed a bit when Neal said to Moz he hoped they could explain it was exigent circumstances breaking into Gina's apartment. It's my continuity kink. :)

“Big Brothers watching, so leave a message at your own risk.” So does anyone other than Peter ever leave Neal a message? ;)

While talking with Moz about Tommy, Neal mentions Peter found him, twice, but he wasn't running away. And he was running towards Kate. If we also consider Neal's statements in 'Copycat Caffrey' about being caught due to a momentary lapse in concentration and, essentially, turning himself, it would seem to be more proof Kate was, in part, responsible for Neal's arrest.

Devlin was too easily tricked into giving up Tommy's new name. On the other hand, it gave Jones a great moment and I loved his, “You guys have more fun than we do.”

There was no mention of the music box. I'm glad Jeff Eastin has decided not to have that play a role in every episode.
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