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White Collar: Unfinished Business

This week’s episode of White Collar, ‘Unfinished Business’, seems to be a wee bit divisive in the fandom. There are those who loved last night’s episode and those who hated it. I find myself somewhere in the middle. My initial reaction was ‘meh’, although there were scenes I really enjoyed. (And, on a personal note, I find it humorous that the episode to cause such an uproar is entitled, ‘Unfinished Business’. If you’re a Battlestar Galactica fan as well, you know what I’m talking about. ;)

Speaking of BSG, I have to admit I was very excited to see John Pyper-Ferguson guest starring on White Collar. Although I apparently have a thing for viper pilots who made brief appearances on the series (in addition to Stinger, see Narcho), I’ve been a fan of his since his hilarious turn as Pete Hutter on The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. But now he has had the privilege of appearing in scenes with my two TV boyfriends – Matt Bomer and Jamie Bamber! If he ever appeared at a convention I would probably spring for an autograph for that reason alone. :)

Let’s get my thoughts on Sara out of the way, who seems to have created quite the stir in fandom. I didn’t love her. I didn’t hate her. I’m curious to see what the plans are for the character. I thought Hilarie and Matt played off each other well, but I saw no romantic sparks between Sara and Neal. If Sara is brought back on occasion in a professional capacity and she and Neal develop a grudging admiration for each others talents then I’m fine with it. I really don’t feel she’s being written as a love interest for Neal. He’s still grieving for Kate, but the writers have dropped far too many hints as to Neal and Alex’s past and perhaps future that I don’t see that relationship being pushed aside.

Surprisingly, I saw more chemistry between Hilarie/Sara and Tim/Peter. I liked the conversation the two shared. Not because of what it revealed about Sara, but because Peter saw what his life would be like without Elizabeth. He may love his job. He may allow it to take up more of his time than he should. But it’s not what defines him and he wouldn’t want it to consume him.

I don’t watch White Collar for the plots, but I wish the writers spent more time thinking about what they are putting on screen when it comes to the case of the week. The concept was more problematic for me than usual. Neal and Sara are saved thanks to Mr. Black’s German chocolate addiction? Would such a highly sought after assassin really be dropped off for a hit, at the front door, in a limo? And as soon as the box was removed from the ground I thought, “There’s the real Edgar.”

While the scene at the airplane hanger I felt worked on an emotional level, and showed Neal is still very much dealing with his grief, I was left thinking there were other, less elaborate ways, for Neal to get the information from the black box recording. I chatted on Twitter last night with someone who has some knowledge in regards to flying and the FAA and she helped clarify some things for me. Perhaps because I feel the FAA is one of the less suspect government organizations, I believe Neal could get a report that hasn’t been altered without hearing the tape. But I suppose it’s possible someone not associated directly with the FAA could step in and alter the final report.

And I’m not buying the hanger was within Neal’s two mile radius. I’ve seen quite a bit of NYC and I can’t conceive of where a complex such as that would be located.

I was also perplexed at Neal being disgruntled at the thought of Sara profiting from recovering stolen merchandise. She’s getting a mere two percent of what she recovers. Neal, on the other hand, who we are led to believe has A LOT of stolen items stashed somewhere, is planning to profit from his life of crime once he is no longer indentured to the FBI. Glass house, Neal, glass house.

What did I like about the episode you may be asking? ;)

Neal being so excited at the thought of Peter taking him out for an expensive lunch at the Montabello, only to learn they were just meeting someone there. And I enjoyed Neal comparing the situation to taking Peter to a Yankee’s game and sitting in the parking lot.

I assumed Neal was only tried for the bond forgery, but we learn he was also charged with and put on trial for art theft - and possibly more. Sara testified about his (alleged ;) involvement in the stolen painting, a crime for which he was acquitted.

Peter, quickly, adapting and using Neal’s vernacular to refer to the bonds as “Samurai bonds”.

Peter: “I testified at your trial.” Neal: “That's different.” So, it’s OK for Peter to testify against him, but no one else can do it? Hee! Would Neal have said the same thing five years ago? He may have. It’s clear he’s always had a respect for Peter he doesn’t have for others who tried to apprehend him.

Neal and Peter's one word conversational shorthand. They are spending way too much time together. ;)

After Sara copped an attitude about her superior recovery rate compared to the Bureau’s, Peter pointed out it’s the Bureau’s rate, not his. Neal seemed pleased by the dig as well.

I thought it was ridiculous Sara went to the FBI office sans pants, especially given she had time to pack a bag and collect her files. However, I loved Neal’s line, “You’re really redefining business casual.”

There were moments I felt Matt channeled Bryce Larkin for his portrayal of Mr. Black.

Neal removing the gun from his pants and flashing a bit of skin? GUH.

I was both amused and peeved to see the FBI evidence tags on the wine bottle and glasses during Neal and Sara’s rooftop dinner. On the one hand, it’s so Neal to help himself to the FBI’s stash (and finding away to do it); on the other hand, it’s evidence and presumably would be needed at some point.

However, I do have to side with Neal in the two days vs four years debate. Not because he has to wear the anklet for four years (his punishment could be far, far worse) , but because he spent four years (deservedly, but, still) in a tiny prison cell and she’s been stuck in an office building for a couple days. Really, no comparison.

Neal is good at making soups? First, I want to know how he acquired that talent. Second, I want to see a finished product!
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