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White Collar: In the Red

It occurred to me I sort of forgot to post about last week’s episode of White Collar. Oops! I swear it wasn’t a sign hating of the episode. I did find it so-so on first viewing, but I believe being very, very tired at the time affected my reaction. I enjoyed it more the second time around. And I’ve only seen it twice! Shocking! I had to give up a third viewing Thursday night (again, due to fatigue).

Part of me felt like just skipping posting at this late date. Forty-eight hours after an episode has aired, fandom has moved on. ;) But I’m a completist. It would drive me crazy if I missed posting about one episode this season.

My reaction to Mozzie’s desire to say "thank you" would have been the same as Neal’s - appreciation mixed with suspicion. I did feel Mozzie was being sincere, but why now? Especially when I’m sure Neal has done a fair share of things for him over the years. Then I thought about Gina and saving her life and, by extension, saving Moz’s and it was probably one of biggest, if not THE biggest, thing Neal has done for Moz so it makes sense he’s been looking for something significant to do in return.

While the thermal scope was clever and plausible, I wondered how Sara wouldn’t know someone punched the wrong code in numerous (if not 100) times. Turns out it wasn't an oversight, but a plot point. Although, setting up an implausible plot point. More on that in a bit.

Maybe someone with more knowledge of aviation and black boxes can explain to me how Kate's last words were on the recording. I thought it only recorded what was said in the cockpit and information from the computer? I’m not getting how it could have picked up a cell phone conversation between Kate and a mystery person.

Again, maybe this was being used to set up another plot point. It was Neal’s hesitancy to listen, believing he might be hearing Kate’s last words (and worse), that caused the tape to be found by Sara, Neal arrested and eventually bringing Sara into the investigation into Kate’s death. Here is where I have two problems, including the implausible plot point.

There is NO WAY Sara could obtain a search warrant for Neal’s apartment. We're to believe Sara, an insurance investigator, marched into a police station, told the detective she thought Neal Caffrey broke into her home and stole a package, the detective then goes to a judge, with no evidence, and obtains a warrant to search June’s home. Just, NO. And as a someone just pointed out to me this afternoon, the marshals could have pulled up Neal's tracking data and proved he was no where near her residence.

My second issue is Sara’s willingness to help Neal after learning why he wanted the tape and who is one it. The only scenario I can come up with is she lost someone close to her tragically and her empathy is motivating her, but that seems contrived convenient.

Either that or, like me, her higher brain function ceased to work upon seeing Neal shirtless. If not totally unnecessary, it was close to it...but I really didn’t care. ;) The only reason I think it might not have been completely gratuitous is Neal, as soon as he saw how flustered and distracted Sara became, was rather full of himself. There was definite smirkage. And now Neal has confirmation he can get to Sara, he has an advantage, and it will be interesting to see how he chooses to interact with her in the future to throw her off her game.

Random things I liked...

The password to get into the club was “Sunnydale”. I thought I heard it wrong at first, but, nope there’s a Buffy fan on the writing staff.

Learning Mozzie was a foster kid. I always enjoy learning tidbits about the character’s pasts, but this reveal also helped to explain Moz’s closeness and loyalty to Neal. Neal is the closest thing to family Moz has probably ever had.

Neal keeping $100,000 of his poker winnings. I couldn’t even be irritated with his stealing. By keeping it in hollowed out weapons manual, at the FBI and in his desk, it was clear he thought they’d figure it out. The criminal in him a) doesn’t want his skills to get rusty and b) always has to try.

Jones and Diana going undercover together was AWESOME. I’m really happy the two are being worked into the plot more.

John Laroqette was great, as expected, and Donovan was the only one who had no issue with using children to make a buck. Even the Chechen mafia has a line it won’t cross!

Didn't Neal state he doesn't take the subway? I guess he will if he's with Peter. ;)
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I think the writers could use Sara better. I think it would be fun if she kept trying to get back NUMEROUS things he ALLEGEDLY stole instead of getting her mixed up in the Kate stuff. I would have gladly given up the arrest bit for more Mozzie/Neal at the end.

The whole lie detector (even though it was entertaining) thing would not have happened either (you just can't walk into the FBI and do a lie detector test on a federal consultant; Neal does have rights.)

I have a friend who is an airline pilot and he said that only the cockpit would be picked up, but if the cockpit door was open still then other ambient noises COULD have been heard; a cell phone conversation, eh.....doubtful.

I loved Diana's face when she came in to tell Peter that Neal was being arrested.

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Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what Sara's role is intended to be. When they've introduced other reoccurring characters, like Alex or Fowler, we knew immediately why they were there and why they would be important long term. I'm really not getting a romantic vibe between Sara and Neal and Sara's sudden switch from 'I want to nail your ass for stealing the painting' to 'I want to help you find Kate's killer' is perplexing. I have no issue with her pursuing Neal for art theft, but it would make more sense if her continued presence was explained by that and crossing paths with the FBI/Peter and Neal as she investigates other thefts for her company.

I didn't have an issue with the lie detector test *only* because Neal was quick to agree to it. I'm assuming Peter would have told her she had no right to do it, but he never had a chance to.

For such a clear recording of Kate to have been made she would have had to be right outside of the cockpit door and she wasn't so, yeah, very doubtful. ;)
Yay, I'm glad you posted! :-)

My second issue is Sara’s willingness to help Neal after learning why he wanted the tape and who is one it.

Narrative causality? I have no idea what's supposed to be going on with Sara. I'm sure they could make me like her as a character, if they wanted, but they'd have to make the other characters like her first. Atm I mostly just appreciate her as an antagonist.

Also, why did she assume that Neal had taken the package in the first place? Presumably there are numerous criminals she's tangled with over the years in her line of work. Why wouldn't it be the guy with the sports car? And why did she have the package lying around her house unopened for so long? Who doesn't open their mail?

I did like that when Peter asked Neal "Did you take it?" and Neal said "No," Peter accepted that immediately. No doubt or hesitation. And then he didn't make any move to arrest or implicate Mozzie. How far they've come! <3
Good point. Sara doesn't have a strong connection to any character on the show. June, Mozzie and Alex are close to Neal. Elizabeth, Diana and Jones are close to Peter. Because we see the bonds and affection between them, we, too, care about them. (I think Lauren's lack of history with Peter may have been one reason she never quite fit in.) Sara has just been thrown into the mix and has no relationship with anyone, yet she's suddenly volunteering to help the criminal she's sworn to nail (for stealing the painting ;) and we're supposed to like her/think she's great for doing that?

I understood why Sara assumed Neal stole the package. Shortly before she collected her mail he started being supportive and friendly and then volunteered to drive her home. If I was in the same situation, my mind likely would have gone to Neal as the thief. However, who leaves their mail unopened like that? Especially a mysterious package from the FAA!

To Peter's mind, Neal was stealing his own package. He knew it couldn't have been anything Sara had requested. I think when it comes to Kate, Peter just shrugs his shoulders and moves on at this point. ;)
*raises hand* I was waiting for your review. :)

Not that I have anything meaningful to add, since you've stated my own likes and dislikes for the episode.