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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...Dragon*Con!

Dragon*Con finally pulled their heads out of their asses posted a schedule last night. But since zarniwhooper and her adorable offspring spent the night last night, I didn't make the discovery until this afternoon. There are very few things that will keep me offline and a six month old is one of them. The other things I really can't mention. ;)

So, this afternoon, I spent quality time with the D*C schedule, worked on putting together my panels of interest schedule (bolded panels have a high probability of my attendance) and began the organization process. And I have a few items of note.

Since it's construction, the Atrium ballroom at the Marriott is considered the big room. BSG and Stargate have panels there. Stan Lee's panels will be there. But then I see Eureka listed while True Blood is over at the Centennial. Really? Even I Dream of Jeannie gets one shot at the Atrium. I feel some poor room scheduling took place.

I need to vent about the Trek Track. The guy who ran it for seventeen years and who, from my perspective, was doing a good job, apparently lost that job to Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim on Voyager). I'm not sure what the people who made the change thought Garrett could bring to the table. D*C signs big name Star Trek guests every year (though I'm not sure they'll ever top last year with Shatner, Nimoy and Stewart). And in past years the website was constantly updated. This year? THEY STILL DON'T HAVE A SCHEDULE POSTED. I've been checking every day for weeks! Finally, tonight, they post this: "The Trek Track Schedule can be seen in the Pocket Program, which can be found here." Seriously? And if you look at the Trek Track schedule in the Pocket Program, you'll see Garrett has included himself in every panel. How he plans to also participate in the Walk of Fame is beyond me.

For the Chris Judge fans, he's only scheduled to appear on one Stargate panel on Friday and he's not doing the Walk of Fame. It's possible he has a professional commitment, but why bother coming for one day?

Sadly, Michelle Forbes is not doing a BSG panel. Even sadder, EJO is doing all four. :( I want to do at least one panel because I'm interested to hear what Dean Stockwell and Rekha Sharma have to say.

And since I started watching Eureka this season, I think I want to check out a panel. Look at me! Leaving my fandom comfort zone!

Finally, what's with panels at night this year? There's a couple of panels at 7:00pm I'm interested in.


11:30 Voyager: Burton and Beltran - Grand Ballroom A-F (Sheraton)

11:30 BSG: Hatch, Grazier, Olmos, Douglas, Sheppard and Sharma - Atrium (Marriott) (Sharma, but no Stockwell)

1:00 Stargate Atlantis: - McGillion, Martin Quinn Gero and Hewlett - Centennial II-III (H)

2:30 Farscape: Raelee Hill and Virginia Hey - International North (H)

2:30 DS9: Brooks, Auberjonois, O’Reilly and Hertzler - Grand Ballroom A-F (W)

2:30 Eureka: Cerra, Ferguson, and Grazier - Atrium (M)

2:30 Terminator: Glau and Furlong - Westin Peachtree A-F (W)

5:30 Firefly: Sean Maher and Jewel Staite - Peachtree Ballroom A-F (W)

5:30 Stargate SG-1: Nemec, Martin Quinn Gero, Browder and Judge - Atrium Ballroom (M)

5:30 ST:TNG: Denise Crosby - Athens (S)

7:00 ST:TNG - Marina Sirtis - Athens (S) (Maybe if we do a late dinner.)


1:00 Stargate: Corin Nemic - A706 (M)

1:00 Enterprise: Scott Bakula - Atrium (M)

2:30 ST:TNG: Shimmerman, Sirtis, Frakes, Spiner and Burton - Grand Ballroom A-F (S)

2:30 Eureka: Cerra, Grayston and Ferguson - Centennial II-III (H)

2:30 Farscape: Raelee Hill and Virginia Hey - A601-A602 (M)

4:00 Voyager: Robert Beltran - Grand Ballroom A-F (S)

4:00 Firefly: Baccarin, Glau, Staite and Maher - Centennial II-III (H)

5:30 ST:TNG: John de Lancie - Athens (S)

5:30 SG1/Atlantis/SGU: McGillion, Shanks, Doig, Momoa, Browder, Gero, Huffman and Hewlett - Atrium (M)

7:00 BSG: Hatch, Douglas, Sheppard, Olmos, Sharma and Stockwell - Atrium (M) (Again, depends on dinner plans.)


10:00 Buffy and Angel Guest Extravaganza: Shimmerman - Peachtree Ballroom A-F (W)

10:00 V: Baccarin, Gretsch, Vandervoot and Sharma - Centennial II-III (H)

11:30 BSG: Hatch, Grazier, Douglas, Olmos, and Stockwell - Atrium (S) (Stockwell, but no Sharma. Hmph!)

11:30 ST:TNG/DS9: Michelle Forbes - Athens (S)

11:30 Firefly: Staite and Maher - Peachtree Ballroom A-F (W)

1:00 DS9: Avery Brooks - Grand Ballroom A-F (S)

2:30 SG1/Atlantis/SGU: Staite, Shanks, Momoa, Gero, Huffman and Hewlett - Centennial II - III (H) (Shanks and Momoa...)

2:30 ST:TNG: Brent Spiner - Athens (S) (...or Spiner? Tough one!)

4:00 Farscape: Browder, Hill and Hey - Regency VI-VIII (H)

4:00 Eureka: Cerra, Grazier, Grayson and Ferguson - Centennial II-III (H)


10:00 SG1/Atlantis - McGillion, Staite, Doig, Momoa, Nemec, Gero, Hewlett and Browder - Atrium Ballroom (M)

10:00 The Whedonverse Stars - Mark Sheppard, Summer Glau - Centennial I (H)

10:00 DS9: Shimmerman, Brooks, Auberjoinois, O’Reilly and Hertzler - Grand Ballroom A-F (S)

11:30 BSG: Hatch, Grazier, Olmos and Stockwell - Atrium (M)

11:30 ST:TNG: Sirtis, de Lancie, Frakes, Burton, Forbes and Beltran - Grand Ballroom A-F (S) (A panel I'd like to see, but not sure I can given when my flight leaves.)

1:00 Eureka: Cerra, Grazier, Grayston and Ferguson - Atrium (M)

And I think I have contact information for everyone who I know is attending. But if I'm mistaken or you need my information, just ask in comments and I'll send you a DM or email. :)
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I am all high on Eureka right now so I really can't wait to hear how the panel goes, if you make it! Have lots of fun!
I'm definitely going to try to make it to at least one. And I saw your post last night and almost commented, but then realized you weren't talking about the most recent episode. I don't want to spoil anything, but it's pretty awesome. ;-)
True Blood is over at the Centennial

Um, that sounds like colossally bad planning. I have a feeling there's going to be a huge turnout of TB fans this year, especially given that the guest list is pretty good.

Hey, I think I'm going to most of the same panels you are on Saturday! We diverge at 5:30, when I'm going to the Vampire Diaries panel.

I'm surprised Michelle Forbes isn't doing a BSG panel, especially since she is doing a ST one, and that was so much longer ago. I kind of want to go up to her and tell her that I used to love her on Guiding Light 20 years ago!

DCTV can broadcast live from Centennial. All other ballrooms are tape delay. Not that I think that makes this a bright idea.

I watch True Blood, but, fearing what the fans might be like, I'm staying clear of the panels. I'd just do a lot of eye-rolling anyway.
The Centennial, if they open it all up, is a big room, but with no lobby area at the Hyatt it's going to be the line from hell. It's possible after one panel the D*C staff will go "Oops!" and decide to switch the rest of the panels to the Atrium, but that creates another set of headaches.

YAY! to Saturday like-mindedness! :) Looking at the Buffy panels, I thought you might do one, but I didn't see that being a big part of your weekend. Between cancellations and guests committed to other tracks the Buffy/Angel panels became rather gutted.

I really wish Michelle was doing a BSG panel, not only because I wanted to hear about her experience on the show, but Rekha Sharma is the ONLY woman on the BSG panels. :/
So we dont get Michelle Forbes but do get Grazier. We are oh so blessed.

I wish Levar Burton was doing a solo panel. The TrekTrak stuff is really screwy. I have no idea how Garrett can run the track and be a guest.
I just double checked and, nope, Levar isn't doing a solo panel. He seems to be participating in some non-panel stuff so perhaps that is the reason. Frakes isn't doing one either and I imagine he would have drawn quite a few Leverage fans.
Drat, I was hoping there'd be a panel that Richard Hatch would be at which wouldn't be blessed with EJOs attendence.

ETA: He has a panel!

And there's a Warehouse 13 panel...

And a Wheel of Time panel...

I can see that magic markers and a printer are going to be needed here.

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Heh. Sorry. Didn't realize you were that interested in seeing Richard. I like him and he's an entertaining panelist, but I don't have a desire to see just him.

And I can't get into Warehouse 13. It's not a bad show, it just leaves me 'meh'.

I did my print outs last night! Preparations are in full swing! I even remembered to pull the DVDs out. ;)
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...Dragon*Con!
Well, I'm failing to get much work done today, but I have managed to read through the schedule and make a short list of panels I'd like to see. Unfortunately, this does mean that on Friday afternoon I need to split myself into six!

I've heard all of the BSG panellists talk before, other than Stockwell, Grazier and Hatch. I have a feeling panels will end up being dominated by EJO, and I'd rather hear Hatch talk about things like his novels and his work on the Galactica 2nd wave at this point. Of course, this may all change if I'm feeling lonely when it starts getting closer to the panel time, as I think most of the few people I'll know at D*C will be going.

There are some weird and wonderful panels, which look like fun. I'm really tempted by Zombies vs Unicorns :) I seem to have picked lots of Firefly and Farscape panels.

The cashier I chat to in Aldis saw me appear at the checkout with my weeks shopping and a great stack of Swiss chocolate and said "oh, you must be going to see your friends soon." I'm entirely predictable, it seems!