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I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hello all! I'm back from the wilds of Dragon*Con. It was mostly fun. I say mostly because there was more weirdness this year than in previous years I attended. And it began with a four hour wait in the registration line. We almost lost danceswithwords at one point. Not actually lost in the labyrinthine line, but lost as in psychotic break. And we all were suffering from dehydration and hunger by the bitter, very bitter, end. EVERYONE was complaining about it. Changes must be made for next year!

I have no plans to do detailed write ups of the panels myself, though I suspect I will be linking to a few. This was a laid back con for me in there was no one person or no panel I was dying to see, so no note taking. The longest we chose to wait in line for a panel was an hour and that was for Eureka, which was much more popular than anyone anticipated. (By the way, the cast is AWESOME.( And 50mm informs me Firefly panel footage is already up on YouTube. (Firefly and Stargate casts also, as I already knew, AWESOME.)

I do plan on writing up my general impressions and share a few stories, though it may be a few days or more. A little show I kind of like, White Collar, has it's mid-season finale tomorrow. And there is the season premiere of Law & Order UK, with this actor I kind of like, on Thursday. ;) Wow, I may get back to my old habit og posting more than once a week! Oh, and I need to catch up on sleep.

What I don't plan to do is catch up on LJ and Twitter. If I missed anything big, do tell! :)
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HEE! Well, if they need the show dubbed in French or Italian, Jamie could do it himself! :D
At least I gave fair warning! (i.e. "I am seriously about to lose my shit" while rocking back and forth, etc.) Dear Dragon*Con, I did not pre-register for a four hour line after a five hour flight, plus transit, that started at 4:30am. Please take note.

I think they really HAVE to do something for next year. I've read more complaining than ever before. :(
Do you get the Sleuth channel? White Collar has been on all day long. It's on my TV right now!

I hope that with all the complaints everyone had about registration this year that they will finally do something about it.
I don't get Sleuth. :( But I did watch the marathon on USA today. :)

I've read more complaints than I ever have before. This may FINALLY be the year they do something to improved the situation. I read some really bad stories on the DC LJ comm.
*bounces* It was really great seeing you!

I can't believe how long the registration line was. You definitely got the worst of it, but yikes all around.
I wish we had more time to spend together, but we did much better than last year so I consider it a win! ;-)

I didn't get the worst of it. I've read about people spending five and a half hours in line. O_o
It was great seeing you! And uh, if they don't promise any changes with registration, I think I'm going to forget to buy my ticket again next year. Will Call took 5 minutes. Perverse incentives at work there. ;)