The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

I'm Still Here!

Yeah, I know, it's been weeks since I posted. I still owe everyone a Dragon Con post (or two). Hopefully, I still remember what happened! And I have thoughts on the disappointing fall TV season. Thus far, only Terriers has excited me. However, shockingly, I am finding The Defenders entertaining. Lone Star, the first casualty of the season, I had complicated feelings about. I want to do a post just about that.

The Race for a Marriott Room took place on Friday and I stumbled just past the start line.:p The Passkey website (used for online reservations) went down at 7:59am. The site was supposed to go live at 8:00am. I then hopped on the phone and tried the 800 number. After hearing an automated message for 36 minutes I gave up. As I was on hold and feverishly hitting refresh, I monitored the DC LJ comms to see what was going on and EVERYONE was having issues. But since the hotel sold out in under two hours, people were obviously able too get through. Some easily, while others were on two computers and two phones for two hours before managing to get their online reservation to go through or were able to speak top a live person. Turns out the operators were using the same Passkey site as the public. Brilliant. Ultimately, the two problem seem to have been the servers couldn't handle the traffic and credit card information couldn't be processed. Several times I got through the process only to have an error pop up or session time out once I hit confirm.

I was so pissed off by the whole experience (I continued to try and book online at work, which I showed up for an hour late), I didn't even want to stay at the damn hotel. Honestly, I was getting increasingly leery of the crowds there this year. And the elevator waits. And crappy bar were getting old. After talks about a Plan B with danceswithwords and conflicting reports of ALL the host hotels (accept the Hyatt which doesn't take reservations until the 15th) being booked up, I decided to try the Sheraton yesterday at 5:15 and two minutes later had the room I wanted, for the days I wanted, at the con rate. WOO.

I wish I could report there has been exciting things happening in my life to keep me away from LJ, Work continues to be soul sucking and often I get home and just don't have the energy to do the 101 things I want to do. And when I do have time/feel motivated, I'm working on stuff for jamiebambernews. Jamie's been busy lately! And for those who don't follow my Twitter spam or the comm, Law & Order: UK FINALLY debuts tonight on BBC America at 10:30est, before moving to it's regular time slot on Friday, October 8th at 9:00pm. The first episode up is "Care", the Series 1 premiere. Yeah, we're only a year and a half behind in the U.S.

OK, I really need to do some cleaning, so adios for now my online friends.
Tags: dragon con 2010, jamie, tv_musings
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