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Happy New Years Eve!

OK, it's been so long since I last posted I'm afraid to look. I know it must be a personal record. Don't worry, it's not you, it's me. ;) Part of my absence had to do with not having much to talk about; part to do with writers block. Not in the traditional sense, and I have been posting Law & Order: UK recaps/reviews over at the jamiebambernews, but without something specific to talk about I seem to struggle to find my words. At a certain point I decided it was best to not force the issue, take a step back and not obsess over it. And since quite a few of you are on Twitter, or can get a hold of me via email, or saw the occasional comment from me, I knew you knew I was fine. Well, relatively speaking. ;) Work and the holidays were a time suck, although this week has been surprisingly stress free.

I see many people are doing year end memes/year in review posts. I feel compelled to contribute! But what to share? Life stuff remains rather blah. I'm not a reader. I didn't go to the movies much and the only film I've seen recently is The King's Speech, which I highly, HIGHLY, recommend. Awesome film. The writing, performances, cinematography - you name it - are superb. So that leaves TV, which even during a rather lackluster (in terms of new programming) season, consumed quite a bit of my time.

White Collar - OK, I said in no particular order, but it will shock none of you to learn this is my favorite show currently airing. I won't go on as to why. I've posted enough squee and will post more beginning January 18th when new episodes begin airing. SQUEEEEE!!! ;D But it occurred to me as I was contemplating what shows to list, that while I like them all a lot and love some, I don't feel compelled to talk about them regularly - or at all - as I did with BSG and, now, White Collar. It seems I can't just love a show and it's characters to want to take the time to type up my thoughts, but I have to be passionate about it.

Terriers - My favorite new show of the season. Loved Hank and Britt and all the supporting characters, especially Hank's sister, who in my humble opinion, was one of the best depictions of an individual living with and dealing with mental illness. While I'm sad the show never found an audience and was cancelled (the confusing title didn't help - even I spent a month wondering why FX was doing s show about dogs), it had one spectacular and largely self-contained first season with one of the most fitting endings I've ever seen. If you didn't watch before, check it out when it hits DVD.

Friday Night Lights - Tami and Eric Taylor: The Best Damn Married Couple EVER. I was worried when old favorites made way for new faces last season, but I've come to really like those new faces. Even Becky! I never thought they could find a way to make her grow on me. I actually want to talk more about this one, but for those not up to date on Season 5, I'll reserve my thoughts for another post.

Law & Order: UK - I wasn't a big L&O fan and originally tuned in just for Jamie. (Again, I'm sure this is no surprise.) The first season (or Series 1 or 2) was a mixed bag creatively. But in Season 2, as the writers focused more on exploring the lives and personalities of the main characters and developing their relationships, I came to appreciate and care about ALL of them, something I never foresaw happening. Plus, via Twitter, I've gotten to know a couple of the fabulous writers which makes it an even more rewarding experience.

Justified - A series that grew on me episode by episode. I don't know who to credit more - Timothy Olyphant or Walton Goggins.

Boardwalk Empire - Another series it took me awhile to warm up to. In the early episodes there was far too much sex and violence thanks to the showrunner mentality of, "Hey, we're on HBO! We can get away with this!". But once the focus shifted to the characters, particularly Nucky and Margaret, who perhaps have more layers than any characters on TV, then it drew me in.

Southland - I've never been a fan of cop shows and originally checked this one out to see if Ben McKenzie could move beyond Ryan Atwood (he can and did). But just as I was looking forward to a second season, NBC made Colossal Mistake No. 97 and cancelled it before airing a single Season 2 episode. Thanks to TNT (twice, given Season 2's so-so ratings) the show has had a chance to grow and become what it wanted to be. That Regina King doesn't receive more raves for her performance as Detective Lydia Adams is a crime (no pun intended!) and in the closing moments of last season I may have become a Lydia/Russell shipper. ;)

Modern Family - A couple of clunkers this season, but the show makes me laugh far more often than not and continues to provide unexpected and touching character moments.

Community - I'm still not sure how I feel about the zombie and claymation episodes. And I'm extremely concerned the show too often walks a fine line between being truly clever and over-indulging in pop culture references and self-referential meta. But I admire how a very disparate group of individuals have not just become friends, but a family, how 'Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design' erased any doubt I'm a Jeff/Annie shipper, and how 'Modern Warfare' is one of the best half hours of any comedic series ever.

Raising Hope - The only new network show to make my list. And it's a surprise even to me! I started watching because friends have a baby girl roughly Hope's age and they are big fans of the show. Had I started watching with the pilot, I likely would have thought they were crazy for being such fans (trust me, you need to keep going). The show is far from great. That Hope's mother was a serial killer who was executed faster than anyone on death row in U.S. history is fare-fetched even by TV sitcom standards. The writing, while having toned down the crudeness, can still cross at least one line every episode and make me cringe. But all that is outweighed by a strong cast (particularly Martha Plimpton and Garrett 'Who Knew He Could Be So Funny' Dillahunt) and a surprisingly loving and supportive family. I've been particularly impressed by Jimmy's desire to do better for his daughter, taking steps to achieve his goals, and succeeding. Also, baby Hope is OMG SO CUTE!

There are several series I used to be quite fond of, but now I'm growing quite bored with. Leverage and it's heavy-handed message of the week. Corporations are evil, people! EVIL! Chuck and it's focus on the ups and downs of Chuck and Sarah's relationship. I rooted for them to get together so we could move past the angst, not just find new ways for them to be angsty together. And Burn Notice not only added Jesse, but made the 'Who Burned Michael' mythology as convoluted, frustrating and no longer sense making as Mulder's quest for the truth about little grey men. Although, the two hour season finale was entertaining.

Did anyone else watch Luther and find it extremely overrated? I feel so alone in my feelings!

Several years late, but I finally watched The Wire. Thanks for the recommendation, Jamie. ;) I really want to talk about the show, but because I watched via HBO In Demand in blocks (as I realized episodes were about to expire), I feel I wasn't fully able to appreciate plot developments and character arcs (or remember half of what had happened) and need to watch again. I'm not quite ready to spring for the DVDs so I'm hoping HBO airs the eps again soon.

DVDs I was willing to spring for - Battlestar Galactica on Blu-Ray! Amazon had a great one day sale dropping it under what I was willing to pay so Merry Christmas to me! Now, to commence a rewatch. I'm thinking I'll post here, although, for me and you, I hope to not be as wordy. I'm also debating tweeting as I watch, as I do with White Collar. But that is a less thinky show and I'm not jotting down nearly as many notes as I did with BSG. Decisions, Decisions.

There's something I hope to post tomorrow. I wanted to do it before Christmas, but there was 'I've forgotten how to write/This sucks!/Why am I torturing myself???/I'm too busy' drama. Then after I got past all that (which was only two days ago), I thought I could have it ready for tonight, but it needs tweeking and I had to work today, plus type up this post and now I'm sleeeeeeepy.

Happy New Year All!
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