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More Joy Day! I Suck at it Again!

I seem to recall doing nothing last year for More Joy Day. And, as mentioned previously, I had hoped to have something cool to post today, but life intervened last night, followed by exhaustion and falling asleep during Top Chef. And today, this guy......

....took up much of my free time. Not in that way. Minds out of the gutter, people!

But I'd hate to have any of you think
Then I'd be all
So, .

First, I thought I would open up the floor to questions. Any questions anyone is dying to ask, feel free! As long as they aren't personal. ;) Think fandom.

Second, third and fourth because this one is a bit more complicated. Here's the deal: I bake (well), draw (even weller) and like buying people stuff. So, comment on this post within the next 24 hours (OK, let's say by Midnight tomorrow) and I'll randomly (really!) pick a name to receive one of the following:

- If you live within the continental United States, I'll send you brownies made from scratch. Since shipping and customs would be a bitch, if you live outside the U.S. you tell me what candy you like.

- A drawing of your favorite celeb, a family member (I'd need a scan of an 8x10 photo) or I can send you something original.

- I'll get you something off your Amazon (or other) wish list (anything up to $25).

When commenting, feel free to mention which of the above you'd prefer getting or your first, second and third choice. I'll let you all know by Saturday the three names I pull, a bowl since I don't own a hat. Where's Neal Caffrey when I need him???
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Wow, just the idea of this post makes me smile. Just a great idea. :-)

Question: Why do you think Neale Caffrey dropped out of high school. I think I heard that but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
No, you're correct, Neal makes an off handed comment to Peter about not having graduated high school. I think it's probably a two-fold reason. First, he comes from a not great home life. That's not to say abusive (and I *really* hope Jeff doesn't go there), just not nurturing and supportive and I place he didn't feel inclined to stick around. Second, I also see him as impatient to start the life he wanted to have and believing he was smart enough and talented enough to do it without a diploma, which turned out to be the case. ;)
Ahahaha, dude, you suck so much less than me - this day flew me right by this year. But you're awesome. Which is the main point of this comment!

Secondly, question! What would happen if Lee Adama joined the Leverage team? (Cool S1 Leverage team or overmoralising, ridiculous S3 Leverage team or anything in between!)

Finally, should I get chosen from your hat bowl, I'd love a drawing - I'm happy to give you some suggestions or accept whatever it occurs to you to draw. Next up, I always love candy, and lastly, who doesn't love amazon? ;) <3

But mostly I want your take on Leverage!Lee...
Oooooh, good question! This one I'll need to think about a bit. Which will help pass the time at work. So, thanks! But one thing jumps to mind, Lee + Eliot = UST. ;-)
Finally, an answer to your question! First, I had to decide this was a AU in which BSG doesn't exist, but the family dynamic does. Lee Adama is still Bill Adama's son. Bill Adama is still a self-absorbed asshole and very bad father. Bill is also still an Admiral, but in the Navy. Lee, just as eager to make the old man proud, yet make his own way, enters the air force academy and, once in the service, rises to the rank of Major. Lee is still very much Lee and struggles between following orders and doing the right thing. This gets him into trouble. A mission goes horribly wrong and, as he attempts to get to the truth, he's made into the fall guy.

While under investigation, he is relieved of duty and looking at possible prison time (I haven't worked out what went horribly wrong, but it's very bad and very messy), yet he still wants to get to the truth to honor the memory of those hurt and killed. He decides to take matters into his own hands.

Through friends/allies he still has in the military, he hears news of the new profession of someone he's crossed paths with in the past, Eliot Spencer. He tracks down Eliot and the team in Boston and we meet Lee as he is talking to Nate and Sophie. Just as he wraps up telling his story – and they agree to help – Eliot, Parker and Hardison walk in. Immediately, there is tension between Lee and Eliot (also Parker and Hardison because she thinks Lee is very pretty ;). We don't find out about the cause of this tension then or later. It's likely professional, but it could be personal. There may be a Kara Thrace in their past or it could be kept more ambiguous to keep the slashers happy. ;)

Normally, the Victim of the Week all but disappears at this point and awaits word that their wrong has been righted just before being handed a big stack of cash for their pain and suffering. But Lee is not one to sit back and do nothing. Plus, he still has contacts they need. Plus, he's pretty good in a fight (which further pisses off Eliot). So, Lee is in on the con.

After they achieve success for truth, justice and puppies, and Lee's name has been cleared, he decides to resign his commission. But what to do next? While Lee doesn't have one particular skill set the team is lacking, he's proven he can lie, steal, fight and, with that face, can help pick up the slack when needed. So, having learned you sometimes have to be bad to do good, he joins the team.

Yes, I may have thought too much about this! And I'm not sure I exactly answered your question. I think it would be a season before Lee really started to fit in. He'd bond fastest with Sophie (because she's someone he can talk to) and Parker (because she's hard to comprehend, which draws him in, yet accepting of people). This would drive the guys nuts. ;) And he'd butt heads with Nate over his drinking because Lee has first hand experience how that can affect people, for the worse, and destroy relationships.
I'm feeling a tad ridiculous because I don't even know what "More Joy Day' is. (Also, it's been a very long long long time since I've commented on your journal... oh the BtVS days-which is how long I've been lurking about imagine that!)

What is More Joy Day? Also, it took me awhile to get to the rest of your post. I seem to have gotten stuck on 'this guy..' *sigh* There be joy all right! :)
Don't feel ridiculous! And it's good to know you're still lurking about! I've seen a couple of people unexpectedly post recently. Maybe 2011 is the year of internet comebacks? :)

Annnnnd I totally forgot to link to sdwolfpup's post explaining More Joy Day! It was late. I wanted to watch Friday Night Lights. That's my excuse. ;) Anyway, here be an explanation of the day.
Hmmm... ok, I have questions.

In your opinion, if Lee Adama was in the West Wing in place of one of the scripted characters, which post would he be occupying?
That's a tough one since I only watched the show for a few seasons and my memory is rusty. On a somewhat superficial level, I'd say press secretary because he's a good speaker, passionate and will fight to get his point across. He's also got a pretty face. ;) But I think Lee would want a position with more power and could influence policy, so I'd go with Chief of Staff. On BSG, he was filling some of that role for Laura and was capable of doing much more if circumstances had been different. I can easily see him fill the role for President Bartlett.