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And the More Joy Day recipients are...

Apparently, I should have just offered something to everyone who responded to my previous post by midnight yesterday because I ended up with four responses. The rest of you will be sorry! ;p Because I'd feel horrible leaving one person's name out of the bowl, I put all four in. And here's the order they were pulled:

beccatoria - Your top request was a drawing. We'll talk. ;)

tripocket - Brownies or Amazon? Let me know!

daybreak777 - Brownies or Amazon - whatever Tripocket passes on!

nicole_anell - You're the lucky loser! I suspect I know what you'd pick, so I'll appear more generous than I actually am and leave you to pick what you want.

In other news.....I really don't have any other news. My life never seems boring until I try to post.
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Wait, so I get something too? :)))

(I'm curious if you were thinking I'd pick the brownies or the drawing. *g*)
My first instinct was drawing because not only are you creative yourself (vidding, fic), but I know you've bid on artsy type stuff in auctions before. Plus, you seem to have a thing for Caprica and Baltar.

But you also just started baking! So maybe you want something to try and figure out how to replicate. ;)
Plus, you seem to have a thing for Caprica and Baltar.

I would absolutely LOVE a drawing. <3 I didn't want to be presumptuous and ask, since you're already doing one for Becca and I was like "Maybe she's expecting me to pick brownies! 'Cause they are my weakness too!"

Does it help if I find promo shots or something?
I feel slightly more confidant picking a photo reference for Becka since we share a ship. ;) It's probably best if you link to - or email - me some photos. If there is one in particular you like, let me know, or if you want to provide several and have me pick I can do that. I'm easy. :)
Oooh, wow, thank you! :D

I'm really not sure what I want except that I love pencil portraits and pencil art in general so I'm pretty sure I can't lose. I'm tempted to as for Lee or Laura (OBVS), but equally tempted to ask you to choose something you'll really enjoy drawing?

I'm not being helpful am I?
Like I wouldn't enjoy drawing Jamie/Lee and Mary/Laura? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Did you have a particular image in mind? Or images? Just let me know!
No, not particularly? I can't imagine there's an image of either of them I don't love, and you're the one who'll have to draw it. I guess I like S4 Lee most because I like the suit and the hair but if it's a portrait the suit isn't likely to feature heavily, and conversely if we're talking about Laura, I like the S3 hair best? with that as you will! :)
Well, I definitely don't want to deal with Laura's Season 4 wig! ;) I'll look around the hard drive and see what I have. :)
Oh my! I'm doing some serious weight loss right now, so although brownies sound lovely they're off the menu for a bit. :)

Would you consider taking the Amazon idea and instead just adding the $ to the next donation you make to your favorite charity? I loved the More Joy Day idea so much but found out late and this would be my way to participate.
That's so sweet of YOU! Do you have a favorite charity? I'd be happy to donate to it.
It's only two months later, but I made the donation. I didn't forget! I just procrastinate. ;-)
I forgot about this! What a nice thing to wake up to. Hope you're doing well. Thank you again.
Does that mean I can haz brownies?!!!!!!!

This is so great because that's what I hoped for. Everyone got what they hoped for and it was all so civilized. :-)

Except OMG BROWNIES. :-) I could use some brownie joy, thank you. :-)

ETA: You are awesome. :-)

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