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2004 Feels Strangely Like 2003....

...thanks to my mother, but more on that in a minute.

I had no plans for New Year's which was good because I was exhausted after yet another ten hour day at work. I love working in accounting this time of year.

After sitting like a lump in front of the TV for a couple hours, I joined some of my Wednesday night chat buddies for awhile. I found out some very interesting information. One piece of which I'd looove to gloat about, but I shall be nice and refrain. (I know, I'm shocked too.)

I also learned that cathyteach has started an LJ! I'm so glad she has. To say I've lost touch with her is an understatement. Last time we chatted I found out she was pregnant. The baby is now ten weeks old. :p Belated congratulations Cathy. :)

Being incredibly sleep I bowed out of chat around 11:30 to go curl up on the couch. I would have gone straight to bed, but I had the fear that there very well could be a terrorist attack of some sort when the ball dropped in Times Square. When nothing happened (thankfully) I fell into bed around 12:30.

My friend Lynn (not LJ Lynn ;) and I spent a good portion of today together. It started out with a belated Christmas gift exchange. He gave me PotC on DVD, which I bought a month ago. :( I shall try to sell it at work on Monday. We then went and saw Elf. Very cute and very funny. I wish I had seen it sooner. It definitely puts you in a holiday spirit.

Then there was lunch and wandering about the mall. I wanted to buy new clothes for work without much luck. Old Navy was having a massive sale and I managed to find only one blouse for work, a fleece pull-over, a tee shirt to sleep in, and a scarf. With my five dollar coupon it came to about $37 - a pretty good deal. And while I avoided buying anything black, I realized everything but the scarf was blue. Oh well, it's a start.

I'm starting to think of goals for myself in 2004 as opposed to "resolutions". One goal was trying to stay upbeat. Here's where my mother ccomes in.....she calls to wish me a happy new year. After that 30 seconds, we start in on the complaining which takes up the rest of the hour and forty-five minute conversation. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they were new complaints and stresses. But, I finally told her we have this same conversation every month and it's gotten to the point I can do her side of it too (I literally began finishing her sentences). I'm hoping she got a clue as to how frustrated I am when my voice started going up.

Luckily, when I came online tonight I *finally* caught writteninstars on IM (technically, she caught me ;). We haven't talked in over a week (I blame our work situations as of late) and she was just what I needed to put me back in a good frame of mind. Though, I may have to worry about her new obsession with Mr Fillion. I suppose it's at least healthier than her one with Mr Timberlake. ;)

Now I shall go contemplate more goals for 2004 while cleaning my messy kitchen. Some things just don't change....

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