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Jamie Bamber cast in Ron Moore's '17th Precinct'

Jamie Bamber Reunites with Battlestar Boss Ron Moore for NBC's Precinct.

Guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am right now. I can barely work! More than usual! I don't even care Ausiello broke the news! :D

I had a very strong belief this news was coming, but no official word. I know many won't be thrilled by the reteaming of Ron and Jamie, but I see a lot of positives with this project. It's been getting quite a bit of buzz in recent weeks. It's on a network. Ok, NBC, but, still! Stockard Channing was signed last week. Michael Rymer is directing. And even though I wasn't always thrilled with how Lee Adama was written on BSG, I know there is a tremendous amount of respect between Ron and Jamie. Plus, I'm not bitter about how BSG ended. ;) So, yes, I am THRILLED right now. Hopefully, the pilot will be picked up to series. If not, at least this is an excellent sign Jamie is on Hollywood's radar. :)
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Oh the news is getting better and better. I'm even more thrilled with Jamie Bamber reteaming with Michael Rymer! :DDDDD
When I learned Rymer was on board I KNEW Jamie had to be part of this project. :)
That's awesome! I've loved Bamber since his Hornblower days - it's great to see him breaking into the ~mainstream~ because he totally deserves it :)
It still needs to get a series pickup, but I am VERY hopeful. I've loved his work on L&O:UK, but I look froward to not having to hunt his work down. ;)
Jamie getting onto a new network show is definitely a good news - and I like the idea of Rymer directing him. It does mean that he'll be in the US more for conventions at a guess too, but I can live with that ;)
If When it gets picked up to series, I suspect filming will conflict with Dragon*Con, but I do plan to keep my eyes open for other dates. :)
Graah! This is great news, except that it will lead me to watching a RDM show again.

NBC has been hurting for a number of things (programming people will watch, critical acclaim), so it's probably in the market for a buzzworthy show that and might be willing to give it some space to grow. But at the first sign of mystical powers directing things from above according to an alleged plan, I am OUT OF THERE.
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