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Jamie Bamber! James Callis! Together Again!

I've been spamming Twitter the past few hours. And jamiebambernews. And I think nicole_anell and I are one step closer to a super fandom. But I neglected to post the awesome news here!

James Callis has been cast as Jamie's partner in '17th Precinct'!

The BFFs off screen may be BFFs on screen! ::Head Explodes::

This may be the end of the road for BSG reunions onscreen. I thought 17th Precinct could handle another BSG actor without it being too distracting (and James and Jamie didn't have a ton of screentime together on BSG), but anymore familiar faces could be pushing it. As much as I'd love to see Tricia involved in some way.
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I just saw the news! I am so excited about this. And I'm shipping them already, lol.
At some point we should probably remind ourselves:

1) They haven't filmed the pilot yet.
2) It has not been ordered to series.

But, OMG, it seems insane now if NBC passes! And have you seen the Grimm casting? Pfft!
LOL, don't rain on my parade just yet! It did occur to me it might not get picked up. Pleeeease don't break my heart, NBC!

No, I don't know anything about Grimm. I don't usually follow news about pilots in the works -- are they looking good? bad?

(Edit: Wait, Grimm sounds like the same exact premise! Only with "Angel" writers instead of BSG writers. I AM CONCERNED.)

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Grimm is very similar in premise and, when news of both pilot pick-ups broke, the speculation was NBC would only order one to series. Putting my personal bias aside, 17th Precinct has a much stronger cast thus far. Plus, it has a lot more buzz because of the casting.
Kelly just started watching BSG. She's posted a teensy bit on FB, but I suspect more in-depth stuff will come soon.

Just in case you want to check in on her once in a while. :)