The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

The brain broke, but did not explode as feared

So, yesterday, for reasons too boring to go into, I strained a muscle in my neck. If I turned it just the right/wrong way it felt like someone was shoving a hot poker in it. At one point I teared up from the pain. So unlike me. I took two Advil PM to knock me out (and they did), ended up sleeping for twelve hours (until 11:30 - I had a scheduled day off work today) and woke up feeling better (no hot poker sensation), if not back to my old self.

After slowly getting moving, around 12:30 I decided to hop online. Just as my computer fully booted up, the power went out. :( Since it went out at exactly 12:30 I was suspicious it was scheduled work by the power company they neglected to tell anyone about. At 1:45 the power came back on. I FINALLY hop online. And what do I discover....

Tricia Frakkin' Helfer has been cast in '17th Precinct'!!!!!

OH. MY. GODS. Where do I begin???

OK, I called this one! When I was reading the sides, even though I didn't have a description of Morgana, other than she had long hair, I saw Tricia in the role. Apparently, Ron and I are on the same wavelength. Not sure if I should find that troubling or not.

My BSG and Jamie/James/Tricia loving heart is thrilled by this news. However, while I said I was more than fine with two BSG actors being cast in 17th Precinct and didn't feel it would be distracting, especially if those two actors had limited screentime together before, three? I can understand the concerns. Ultimately, I have to see it as a good thing. It's not just because it's three actors I like and respect and want to see more of. Their casting, as well as the casting of Eamonn Walker and Stockard Channing show Ron's dedication to hiring actors for the show. That plus the ever increasing buzz the show is getting for the 'BSG Reunion' gives it a huge advantage over the similarly premised Grimm.

The only other BSG alum I'd love to see pop up on 17th Precinct is, no surprise, Mary. Looks like TV Squad agrees with me:

'17th Precinct' comes from 'BSG' mastermind Moore, and has been described as 'Harry Potter' crossed with 'Law & Order,' also known as the BEST SHOW EVER. Basically, if this pilot doesn't get picked up, the entire TV Squad staff will have to take the month of July off to deal with our collective grief.

That said, if Mary McDonnell joins the show, our faces will melt off and our children will weep over our exploded bodies as if we've all just taken huge hits of the dangerous street drug Charlie Sheen. Which would be awesome.

So with that, our open letter to Ms. McDonnell:

Dear Mary McDonnell, a.k.a. the number two most memorable woman in history according to TV Squad,
Please join this pilot. Pretty please. We have nothing to offer in return besides our undying gratitude, and the promise that we will watch every second of every episode. So say we all.
TV Squad

So say we all. :)
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