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White Collar: Power Play (Hey, I just got the tile!)

Sometime late Friday night I realized I had failed to post about White Collar. Yes, it was that kind of week. Then, Saturday was spent at The Child's (TM her mother, please do not be thinking I suddenly have a child!) first birthday and Sunday was lazing about and catching up on all the TV I missed. US version of Shameless you are really growing on me and I'm glad you got a second season pickup. :)

Oh, there was also some news this week about 17th Precinct Did you hear? Yeah, that took up some of my time and a lot of my squee. It also reinforced that as much as I enjoy White Collar and like Matt Bomer they just can't compare to how I feel about BSG and Jamie Bamber. Seriously, I have never been as excited about any moment on White Collar as I've been about each shred of news about 17th Precinct, which won't even begin shooting the pilot until tomorrow! This is what Jamie and a reunion of some of my favorite BSG people can do to me. Now, I just need to wait and see if NBC will rip my heart out and stomp on it. With the cast and crew this pilot has, one would think it would have to be absolute garbage not to be picked up to series, right?

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