The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Off Conning

I've been meaning to post for days, but between work and D*C planning and failing miserably at trying to complete a project, it just never happened. Not that I had much to say. I did have some True Blood and Doctor Who thoughts which can wait. Short versions: True Blood had two consecutive crappy episodes (I never need to see what goes on in Sookie's head again), but saw improvement this week. As for DW, I'm pretty sure Moffat wrote himself into a corner with River's story and pulled 'Let's Kill Hitler' out of his ass to try to make sense of it all. My verdict? Failure.

I'm off, later today...for five fun filled and heat filled days in Atlanta. My internet access will by little to none. The hotel charges for internet in the room and hanging out in the lobby doesn't seem practical. But I did decide to enter the 20th Century with my new, smarter, but not smart, phone and I've set it up to text to Twitter! So, I may sporadically tweet. Something exciting might happen. ;) And I'll read any DM's I get, but that's about it.

OK, I must get some sleep. Later!
Tags: dragon con 2011

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