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Much Randomness (Or How My Brain Is Wired)

- While I was watching the Packers game yesterday I noticed George Hertzberg in a commercial for Dell's new plasma TV's. Well, it's work.

- A commercial for Celebrity Justice encouraged you to tune in to hear more about "Don Johnson's timber troubles". Nearly twenty-four hours later and I'm still laughing at that line.

- Saw a Top Ten list for signs you are at a bad Buffy/Angel Convention. Most were rather lame but #6 had me in stitches...You find out that the convention is sponsored by the Conner Fan Club...AAHHHHH!!!

- Read an absolutely beautiful (it made me all teary ::sniff::) and utterly original new ficlet by dtissagrl last night. It takes place post Chosen and shows what Buffy's new life may be like (and it's indirectly Spuffy :). Go Read.

- On the opposite end of the fic spectrum, I was perusing badbuffyfic at lunch today. DO NOT read this community at work. Seriously, I was doubled over with my head under my desk trying to muffle my laughter.

- How many of you want to bet even though it only lasted twelve hours, Britney and her now ex-hubby consumated the marriage? ;)

- And because I have no shame (and no talent for it), I was able to coax _jems_ into making some Firefly icons. Woo and Hoo! (Please see an example of her work at left.) What's really impressive is she doesn't even have the DVDs yet. :p
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There is a large cat draped over the keyboard. The mouse is somewhere in his belly fur.

And yet I type. 'Cause I had to say, whoa, jems, cool icon. And to ask if the Packers game made you happy. I'm not typically a Packers fan, but my guys cleaned out their lockers already. So I just watch in order to behold the elegant mayhem. Good game, huh?

And finally, I had to weigh in on the newly-not-weds: I'll bet they were just drunk enough to get married, but too drunk to seal the deal.
Grrr. My computer has crashed twice trying to respond to you.

To be honest, I haven't watched much football lately. My attention began to wander after Montana retired. I do still catch a Packers game from time to time. Brett is the rare player today - consistently good, loyal to his team, and cool as ice under pressure.

It was an excellent game all around. I actually like competitive games rather than, oh, the Colts blow-out. I knew the Packers were going to win during the overtime coin toss. Never, ever announce in Green Bay on National television that you want the ball and you *will* be scoring. In that moment, Seattle was toast.

I can't think of a subject to type here
"A commercial for Celebrity Justice encouraged you to tune in to hear more about "Don Johnson's timber troubles". Nearly twenty-four hours later and I'm still laughing at that line."

I cracked up too! All I can think of is Anya and Xander's game, "Shiver me timbers." LOL I wonder if that's the "timber" trouble the show was talking about for DJ. Probably not, but it gave me a laugh. Thanks for that :)

Also, I am definitely thinking Brittney consumated that marriage. I really really really don't like her. All I can think of is Walt Disney turning over in his grave at the way one of the Mouseketeers behaves ;) (although subconsciously he would probably be turned on, like most men seem to be - ugh!)
Re: I can't think of a subject to type here
LOL. I thought about Anya and Xander too. Even though I think DJ was being sued by neighbors over some trees, it's quite obvious the show was playing with the double entendre. ;)

As for Ms Spears, I read some comments she made to Entertainment Weekly recently regarding her rival Christina. She basically said how sorry she felt for Christina because the girl obviously had probelms she wasn't dealing with. Um, and partying all weekend, marrying a guy while drunk, and then asking for an annulment 12 hours later isn't a cry for help?
I damn hope she consummated the marriage! Otherwise the whole thing would have been a big waste of time ;)

(And yes, I display my Britney icon with pride!)
Oh, no worries, from what I hear, she didn't need to get married to get, er, consumated. ;)
All these reports about her marriage are making me laugh. She's obviously taking a leaf out of Madonna's 'no press is bad press' book. I love it! ;)
My inital reaction (after "What?!" ;) was that it was a publicity stunt. First you hear she was drunk, then sober, then drunk. There were no rings and no open signs of affection. On Entertainment Tonight I heard she apparently stuck around and was a bridesmaid for the couple that was getting married after them! And to top it all off she was staying in the same suite they used for the Real World: Las Vegas. Weirdness.
I saw Rona on a commercial. Something to do with maxed-out credit cards.

Inspiring reply, huh? Time for bed.
Me too! Me too!
I *thought* that was her but wasn't sure. I also saw Kennedy in an ad for maxi pads. LOL! And Vi is in that Casablanca Pepsi commercial :) It's funny to see all the Potentials showing up in commercials now.

By the way, HI Jonesie!!! Long time no chat!
Re: Me too! Me too!
I was watching CSI: Miami tonight and the original Buffy (Kristi Swanson who has had some bad cosmetic surgery apparently) and the actor who played Forrest were guest starring. It *is* all connected! :p
re; the Joss Whedon Connection
I saw that. I couldn't put a finger on it that it was Kristi Swanson. I see another actor (Rick Worthy) who has been in sci-fi stuff - Dark Angel and Enterprise (and other Star Trek shows) is guest starring in next week's CSI: Miami.

On an unrelated note, I knew I recoginzed the guy who played Winters from somwhere. It was Jason O'Mara who was a star in season 2 of The Agency. I just read that he married one of his former actors on The Agency, Paige Turco. Hmm, and he's 7 years younger than her (I still don't get the younger guys marrying older women in Hollywood trend in the acting community).
Re: re; the Joss Whedon Connection
Good for Paige! ;) Poor thing hasn't had much luck with a series lasting, least she got a hubby out of this one. :) Every time I see her name I lament the loss of American Gothic. Another show way ahead of it's time, stuck in a crap time slot, constently pre-empted, and show out of order. :(
The Agency
I'm all for her happiness. I wish her and her hubby a long marriage, but unfortunately many Hollywood marriages just don't last.

as for The Agency, I still don't understand why CBS didn't cancel it in the middle of season 2 because CBS tried two new episodes of Robbery Homicide Division (great show) and the second episode outperformed The Agency in the ratings on Saturday (and still they cancelled RHD with three unaired episodes that finally aired on USA last April). I wonder if CBS backed away from RHD because Tom Sizemore was charged with assualting his former fianance Hiedi Fleiss in Decemeber 2002. Still they could have always replaced Tom Sizemore with someone else in the show if CBS was worried about that. I hate network politics. I think RHD might have been cancelled due to network politics.