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Much Randomness (Or How My Brain Is Wired)

- While I was watching the Packers game yesterday I noticed George Hertzberg in a commercial for Dell's new plasma TV's. Well, it's work.

- A commercial for Celebrity Justice encouraged you to tune in to hear more about "Don Johnson's timber troubles". Nearly twenty-four hours later and I'm still laughing at that line.

- Saw a Top Ten list for signs you are at a bad Buffy/Angel Convention. Most were rather lame but #6 had me in stitches...You find out that the convention is sponsored by the Conner Fan Club...AAHHHHH!!!

- Read an absolutely beautiful (it made me all teary ::sniff::) and utterly original new ficlet by dtissagrl last night. It takes place post Chosen and shows what Buffy's new life may be like (and it's indirectly Spuffy :). Go Read.

- On the opposite end of the fic spectrum, I was perusing badbuffyfic at lunch today. DO NOT read this community at work. Seriously, I was doubled over with my head under my desk trying to muffle my laughter.

- How many of you want to bet even though it only lasted twelve hours, Britney and her now ex-hubby consumated the marriage? ;)

- And because I have no shame (and no talent for it), I was able to coax _jems_ into making some Firefly icons. Woo and Hoo! (Please see an example of her work at left.) What's really impressive is she doesn't even have the DVDs yet. :p
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