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Oh What A Day

This will be short (by my standards) since I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted at the moment and am ready to fall into bed.

Work started out well enough. But, after one little thing after another, the day became increasingly exasperating culminating in me not leaving until 7:00pm. Thanks to all my friends on LJ, who (and some of you well know this, some of you do not) managed to keep me entertained through this very long work day.

When I finally got home, I discovered three messages from Stacey whining about me not picking up the phone because I should be home. Grrrr. Apparently there has been a change in plans and they (she, her hubby, annoying cousin, and friend) want to see Big Fish tonight. This is after I was told she did not want to go to the movies on a Friday night and after she neglected to call me at work today as I had asked her to do. Grrrr.

I call her back, snap at her after she snaps at me, and then am told we are going to the crap theatre in town because it has the next earliest showtime.

I arrive at the theatre the same time as they do (we had to meet there) and she quickly realizes I'm in no mood for her crap. I'll give her this, when she knows she's in the dog house...she knows she's in the dog house and backs off.

As for Big Fish, I will have much more to say later. Right now, I'm still processing everything I saw. I think this is arguably Tim Burton's finest film and one of the best of the year. I have some small quibbles, but nothing that overwhelms the film's strengths or would deter me from highly recommending it to you all to see. Ewan was charming and Jessica the epitomy of grace. In the closing moments, Billy Crudup even shined.

But, it is on a far more personal note that the film lingers with me. Many of you know my father had cancer. You also know I am not a crier. I was in tears at the end of this film. Tim Burton and Albert Finney, without the usual schmaltz and Hollywoodzation of terminal illness, showed the reality of the disease. Or at least the reality that I knew.

More analysis/catharsis later. Right now, I need sleep. I have a candle party to go to tomorrow. Yippee. :p

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