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No Safe Haven from Spoilers

Apparently, I can't even take mail up to the mailroom any longer. Dingbat Carol who runs the mailroom informs me that this is Buffy's last season. I refrained from saying "Well, DUH!" instead informing her that "Yes, and there are only four episodes left". She follows up with something else she read in TV Guide. Something that would be considered a huge spoiler if I wasn't sure it wasn't true. See, she doesn't actually watch the show. And knowing how scatterbrained she is, I'm sure she misinterpreted what she read because the way she presented to me doesn't make any sense.

But what if it was true? Or what if she had said something I could have believed? It would have ruined all my hard work to stay pure (Hey, I see some of you laughing) :p.

I've only been spoiler free for about a month now, but I suddenly have new found sympathy and respect for those who've been doing it for years. I can't believe how difficult it is trying to avoid being spoiled.
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