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When Did Teams Stop Playing To Win?

</i>To the players, fans, and ownership of the St Louis Rams:

If you want to know why you are out of the playoffs, look to the coach. Approximately a minute and forty seconds left to play in regulation and the players are instructed to run plays that waste valuable time *then* let the seconds tick down to three in order for the kicker to tie the game.</i>

Apparently it was never considered that kickers miss 'easy' kicks often. Or that the Broncos once scored 21 points in under two minutes. Or that just maybe you should show a little bit of faith in your offense.

What can be taken away from the Rams loss? That the coach is an idiot and in the NFL teams use to play for victory not to just squeak by. I don't think I'm alone in being disgusted by what was witnessed this evening.

Of course, to make matters worse, I had to listen to the commentators describe this as one of the great games in playoff history. Um, I've seen great games and they were as such because of great players making great plays. If greatness can now be the product of bad coaching, blown plays, and far too many penalties, I quit.

Hopefully the Packers will help renew my faith in the game. If not, at least I have a new episode of Alias tomorrow night!!!

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about Big Fish - I'm still forming some thoughts. And remember I said I had some quibbles? Well, I realized this morning I was wrong about one. I get it now. More later...

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