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Thoughts on Alias

* Except for Syd's wood paneling. The entire house is done in wood paneling?! Ugly wood paneling. I think it's time to call in the folks from Trading Spaces. She and Weiss can decorate each others homes. :)

* Marshall's ramblings can tend to annoy me. Tonight I found his behavior quite amusing. 'I can't lose my job...I have a baby on the way...' :)

* Of all the things that Syd went through, one of the worst would have had to have been watching her own funeral and knowing her loved ones weren't coming to save her. :(

* So,let my get this straight, Kendall and Dixon knew she was alive. Vaughn and Jack didn't. Except Jack did know but only after Kendall and Dixon found. Ok, got it.

* Speaking of Dixon, I liked how he brought up SD-6 and the two-fold purpose. You could see Syd was about ready to lay into him for keeping the truth from her (pot-kettle-black Syd), but at the same time Dixon was *finally* able to understand what she went through. Nice moment for both.

* I loved that they brought up Project Christmas. Apparently brainwashing your kid is a good thing otherwise Syd would have been brainwashed by the Covenant. Who thinks up this stuff?

* The explaination for Jack's absence was a bit lame (I'm telling myself he was off with Irina ;). I'm assuming VG had another commitment and couldn't appear in the ep. Boy, will he have a lot of catching up to do.

* Nine months? Vaughn only waited nine months?! Still, it's hard for me to hate the guy when he'll soon find out he married the enemy. :( Or did he?

* Kendall's back! I know he could be a complete bastard but I always liked the guy. I credit the actor. One of my fav moments was when Syd said she'd never heard of Project Black Hole and he simply smiled and said "Thank you". I only hope his appearance tonight means he'll be back again in the future. He did seem to be barking out orders again. :)

* So, they did harvest her eggs. Guess I was right. Though too X-Filish as everyone else has mentioned.

* And if we want to talk of ripping off other series, how about the Alien series? Anyone else have visions of Ripley in Allen: Resurrection torching her clones?

* It's interesting we didn't see the petrie dish destroyed. Who wants to bet Sark escaped with a fertalized egg?

* As much as I desire Lauren to be an evil, traiterous, murdering, bitca, I have a feeling we'll find out she was a product of brainwashing. Is it a coincidence we watched Syd go through the process? And that their intent was to make her an assassin? I think the Covenant succeded with Lauren who needed to be ready to be put in the field before Syd was taken captive.
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People seem kind of upset about the developments in this episode. I just don't see it. Of course I was never that into The X-Files, and had nothing to do with the fandom. But I think the main reason is that I just consider Alias fluff - fluff that I'm dying to see where it goes, but if it doesn't go the way I want I'm not going to be that upset.

Other than that, reading your review was like being in my own mind. You haven't been doing any fancy-schmancy mind-reading, have you? ; ) (Well, except for the Lauren thing - don't mind her, I don't care if she's really evil or not. Though it would be a nice twist if she was the one in the right and everyone else was in the wrong. That would be...neat!)
I was a huge X-Files fan through season 7, but I was never part of the fandom per se (no computer then!). Now, Syd's egg harvesting is very similar to what happened to Scully on The X-Files, but, for some reason it failed to get me riled up as it has others. I didn't even consider that they used her being a woman to turn her into a victim or somehow it was anti-feminist. I guess I can see how others may take it that way - it just never occurred to me.

The one thing that always bothered me with The X-Files was that Scully actually became pregnant and had a child. Babies on genre shows are a big no-no in my book. Adding insult to injury was the was Chris Carter the storyline after Scully had the baby. I'm willing to give JJ Abrams the benefit of the doubt for now and say we won't be seeing Syd's son/daughter anytime soon. But, who wants to bet Marshall will be bringing in his kid to the CIA to show off? ;)

haven't been doing any fancy-schmancy mind-reading, have you? ; )

You found me out! Seriously, I agreed with a lot of what you said too. I adore Alias as you do, but I'm not quite as emotionally invested in it as other shows so I don't get overly upset when things don't go as I thought they would. Plus, JJ has a tendancy (unlike other writers) to at least provide momentary relief from the angst and resolution to some (if not all) the various story arcs. I think back to what he said earlier in the season about Lauren and how the audiance would not be able to hate her. That's why I have to believe things are not as they appear to be right now.
I somehow get the feeling that if there is a baby a surrogate will be involved. Don't know if I'll hate it or not, I'm kinda neutral on the whole matter.

I'd stopped watching The X-Files regularly after season 6 (that was the season after the feature film, right?) so I was never that involved in the pregnancy deal. I have since downloaded and watched, but seeing it all in one go sort of lessens the impact.
Bear in mind I just started watching this season, so maybe this question doesn't make sense...But:

Why risk lives to kill the eggs and cube DNA? Yes, it's a violation of Sydney's privacy and freakishly Frankensteinian, but is it a threat to national security? Are they worried that the Chosen one/Rimaldi demon spawn would incite The Covenant to greater evil or that there's something to the prophesy?

I've always liked Terry O'Quinn, so I was glad to see him last night. (For me, of course, it was a first time). And, yeah, the "thank you"? Divine.
Forgot to mention re Terry O'Quinn.

All his exposition last night reminded me of something JM said about ASH. That as Giles, ASH "carried the heavy water." IE, he had to do all the splaining about this demon or that spell, and still make it seem spontaneous and interesting and in-character. According to JM, that's not easy as an actor; like reading a laundry list.

O'Quinn had way more water to carry all at once than ASH ever did. He did alright with it, I thought. (The intercutting with visuals helped, but still....)
As for your previous question, it makes a certain twisted sense to go and risk lives to destroy the DNA and eggs. Rambaldi was a man far ahead of his time and many of his theories and inventions have come to be in the 20 and 21st Century. It's because of this that people have come to put great faith in his prohecies. You saw the drawing that bared a striking resemblence to Syd. The prophecy foretold that the woman in the drawing would bring about great destruction. Now we discover, it's not her, but her offspring.

Kendall and others have little or no faith in all this, but as long as the Covenant does it's a problem. They now how destructive Rambaldi artifacts can be in the wrong hands (this has been shown in previous episodes) so I don't think the government wishes to take any chances on what the Covenant may be doing with the DNA and cloning.

I agree with your comparison of ASH and Terry O'Quinn. All that exposition is hard to make interesting and they manage to do it. Even more impressive is that Terry managed to convey amongst all the recapping that he genuinly felt Syd's pain and possibly remorse for his part in her ordeal. It's too simple to just see Kendall as a bastard for some of the things he's done. We have to remember he has had to make some incredibly difficult choices involving other people's lives and live with the consequences.