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Reaction to Alias 'Fan' Reaction and One More Thing About Last Night's Episode

In a moment of insanity this morning I decided to peruse one of the Alias boards. I won't name the specific board (it's MV-centric) but apparently they are a wee bit pissed about the current state of the season. That's not to say I mind criticism of the show. I read much fair criticism last night from people on LJ.

What I saw this morning was just plain nastiness. Even I'll admit there have been some so-so episodes this season as well as a lack of focus with some of the storylines. And we are entering X-Files territory. But, as I use to say on the Buffy boards, I don't see the point or purpose in calling the writers and other actors names just because you disagree with what is playing out on screen. Granted, if you are a Vaughn fan (which I am), MV hasn't had as much screen time this season (thus far), but these things are cyclical, especially with a large ensemble. And Sydney's character is THE focus of the show not Vaughn's. It's just gives me flashbacks to the last two years of the Buffy fandom and was a reminder of why I no longer post to the boards. I mean, how can you logically debate a subject with a person who feels the show is now crap, JJ Abrams is an f****** idiot, yet they continue to watch every week?

Somewhat reasurring was flipping over to the EW website. They asked people's opinions and they ranged from good to great. Then again, these were individuals with no investment in a single character and were comparing Alias to the craptacularness of network television in general.

Now, one plot point I've been dwelling on...many people mentioned that it was McKennas Cole's voice we heard when 'Julia' was brought before members of the Covenant. To be honest, I wasn't listening closely enough to tell. If it's true, this is fascinating for two reasons. One, we never did find out who he was working for when he infultarted SD-6. And, two, when last we saw him, he was being taken into custody by the CIA. How did he get out? Did he escape or was he released? Or, could he be working with them?
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What is it about boards? I see a lot more negativity in places like TWoP (well, saw, before reading it made my eyes bleed) than I see in LJ.

And I thought my Alias reaction was whiny. Sheesh. I still *like* the show, even if my non-Spike TV boyfriend Sark only gets a Lorne-sized chunk of screen time.

My non-TV boyfriend assures me that that was Quentin Tarantino's voice. Do we know if they are bringing him back? Well, I have no clue. But it was neat.
me too - I'm pretty darned positive that was Tarantino's voice. Which brings up interesting possibilities :)
I don't know what it is about boards either. Maybe you just have more people there and thus a greater opportunity for flames to fanned?

I read an interview with JJ recently in which he said Sark would be getting more screen time in the second half of the season. Hope that helps. :)

I'll mention this because I don't think it's spoilery...I read that Quentin was interested in coming back and that JJ was interested in bringing the character back. Therefore, I don't think it's a huge assumption to make to say he'll be back. Maybe during February sweeps?
Hmmm. McKennas Cole's voice? I totally didn't catch it. Now I'm going to have to go home and watch again (and probably again and again) to see if I can identify it as such. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if it wasn't him. I was underwhelmed with Tarintino's performance the first time. I've always looked at Cole as a sort of cheesy character - due in no small part to the dialogue in his episode. But it's possible that he could be more interesting given the right situation. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
I have to agree about Tarantino the actor. But, the character was kind of interesting, so I'm OK with an appearance or two.

Hey, and look at the brightside, maybe he'll die a horible death! :)
Hey, and look at the brightside, maybe he'll die a horible death! :)

Ooohh, horrible deaths in secondary characters: Fun. Every. Time.
It is so disheartening to visit boards these days. If the bad spelling/grammar doesn't kill you, the 50 thousand people with the one single same opinion will.

As far as Cole goes, on a third (and careful) viewing, I'm positive it's good old Quintin's voice. Defiantly fascinating! When Cole broke into SD-6 I'm pretty sure he was working for "The Man." I thought perhaps he saw Irina and Sark's leave as an opportunity to create The Covenant, but you just reminded me that the CIA was taking him into custody back then. Who was the bald man sitting next to him at that table? Kendall perhaps? Eek! [brain explodes]
I think you may be right about Cole working for 'The Man'. I had forgotten about that. But did he know who the man really was? Maybe he believed the man was part of the Covenant. Or, perhaps you are correct, and he started it. But I'm only envisioning Cole appearing in an episode or two which would bring me back to believing it is Sloane behind all this. Considering his ever shifting loyalties, I could see him arranging for Cole's release and the employing him to head his assassin school.

Who was the bald man sitting next to him at that table? Kendall perhaps? Eek!

Eek! is right. I hope that's not the case. I definitely have to go home and review the tape tonight.
Man, what a relief to be uninvested and to watch just for entertainmnet. Also, since I don't have preconceptions or memories, I don't see the inconsistencies.

Hmmmm. No memories... Holy Crap! I'm the Chosen One.

*gets the Easter Bunny ti hide her eggs*