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I Sooooo Need A Vacation

God save me from the following:

Fans who think they can write a series better than the actual writers. I can bitch and complain about plotting and characterization as much as the next person when I see something I don't like. That doesn't mean I can do a better job. For those who think they can, I'd suggest they shut off the offending material and get cracking on their Emmy award winning script in time for the next nominations.

My mother, who every day around lunch time has to call to do one of the following:

- Tell me I'm so exhausted because I'm working to hard and need a break. Well, duh!

- Recap what happened on The View.

- Complain about her friends then proceed to ignore my advice so I can hear the same story again the day after tomorrow.

- Make me look up stuff on the internet even though she doesn't need a computer. No, because you keep pestering me to do it.

My Co-workers....

There's Marilyn who constantly is bringing food into work. She apparently thinks herself quite the chef. Her cooking is certainly good, but nothing that has ever wowed me. Then again, the real reason she does it is so you can get thanks and adoration. Hell, she even has the receipts printed up for people in advance assuming they'll ask for them. It's annoying having people come in and out of here all morning and listening her talk at the top of her voice so we can all hear how much she is appreciated.

And then there are Kathy and Sheryl who have repeatedly interupted me today to help them look up information in the system that they should be able to look up themselves. Then again, both are hesitant to learn anything so it's no surprise they can't find it themselves. Of course, the paranoid part of me says they are looking to nail me on a mistake since all their questions involve payments I originally made. So far they are batting zero on that front.

Now I'm off to input two pages of Mastercard charges for a statement that has to be paid today. Yeah, this should only take an hour.... lj-cut

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