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Sorry about the Eagles cathyteach. :(

I got to talk to one of my internet buddies for the first time today on the phone. :) Wish these things didn't always come about because of loss of job or illness, but it was still a pleasure to speak to her.

Saw House of Sand and Fog this afternoon. Very good film with outstanding performances by Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly. But, one Hell of a downer. If you want to see this movie, be in a good frame of mind before entering the theater.

I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. Underwhelmed maybe. I'm glad they didn't dwell too much on S/V (and I say this as a shipper) and managed to involve the entire cast. I'm somewhat pissed at Vaughn though. He confesses to Syd she's the only one yet dashes off to Lauren the moment he spots her. So, Jack was right. He may not mean to do it, but he is killing Syd emotionally.

When the Hell did Syd and Vaughn learn to fly a jet?! And land it without power?! Even for Alias, that's stretching credability.

Yay! to Dixon blowing off orders and showing some emotion for a change.

Yay! to Jack kicking some ass again.

I'm glad thet have found a way to incorporate Irina into the plot without the benefit of her presence. I'm intrigued now as to what she is up to and how Sloane fits into it all. I suppose it's a good excuse as to why she is in hiding, if the government and Sloane are both after her.

Isabella is no Lena, but she had her moments. I especially enjoyed her threatening to fry the guys face. :) And the kiss! I didn't see that coming. At least not yet. Again, I'm intrigued.

How cute was it to hear David Anders speak in his own voice tonight? And on top of it they made him from the Portland office. :) I really liked the entire scene. I miss Sark/Syd/Vaughn sitting around a table threatening each other. Plus, we now know what really scares Sark - threatening the family jewels. :)

JJ mentioned in a recent interview that Sark's storyline was going to start kicking into gear right about now. I'm sensing Sark may be getting ready to make a bold move. He didn't seem the least bit afraid to let the Covenant know what he really thought of them. Wonder if he is going to try to take them down himself? What if he and the CIA work together to do it?!

It doesn't seem like it was him who gave Lauren the order to shoot Lazeray last week. I'm also thinking Lazeray isn't dead. Not a huge leap to make when no one ever seems to die on this show.

Marshall hugging Syd and Vaughn upon their return was adorable.

Did I miss anything? Probably. Like I said, I got a headache. Therefore, I'll wait till tomorrow to catch up on the bitching and complaining. :p
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Hmm. I'm gonna guess Lazeray is really dead - that gives Sark a good emotional reason to kill Lauren later. (Unspoiled, but speculating here - they'll have to take her out of the picture at some point so the Twoo Wuv (retch) can have its way, and they won't have a Good Guy kill her.)

So, was Lauren talking to Guy Who Played The Mummy last week? Or to.. Sloane?
I'm still not sure it won't be Syd or Vaughn to kill Lauren. Then again, I'm not sure she will be killed. If we find out she was brainwashed, she may just be hauled off to some deprogramming facility. Hopefully, to never be seen again. :)

I'm wondering who was talking to Lauren last week too. I've read others speculate that it was McKenna's Cole since it was his (Tarantino's) voice heard speaking to 'Julia' last week when she was being held by the Covenant.
How cute was it to hear David Anders speak in his own voice tonight?

Whoa, so that's his real accent? :) I was like, cool, Sark can do a good
Yep, that's his real accent. It actually sounded wierd to me at first. :) And, if I remember correctly, he is from Portland or at least the Portland area. Hence me finding it funny when he said he was from the Portland office.
Cool. :) Yeah, I guess it's like with James (Marsters, that is) - he's so very Sark that it's a bit jarring to hear the real accent, it sounds fake!
Thanks for the sympathy, Asta. That was a piss-poor performance by the Eagles. Pat and I gave up in the early 4th quarter and watched "Are you now or have you ever been?" instead. He is enjoying Ats Season 2 more than Season 1.

I have never seen Alias, can you believe that??? DOn't even know when it comes on. To tell the truth, I don't know if I have the energy for another TV obsession. BtVS has drained me completely :)
I think season 2 of Angel was very strong and showed a lot of character growth. I can understand hubby enjoying it more.

Alias is on Sundays at 9:00 on ABC. I'm not encouraging you to pick up another addiction ;), but the first two seasons are available on DVD if you want to give it a try.