The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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Yay Me!

That's me, not ME. ;) Here's the thing, I never win anything. So I go to this administrative professionals luncheon (fancy name for support staff) where we have a fashion show with clothing from a local high end department store that's ridiculously overpriced. I've never even stepped foot in the store. But, now I have to because I won a $50 gift certificate! Me, who never wins. And just in time for my trip to Chicago. :)

Plus I read over at the BBB that some folks are going to start inundating the Con people with e-mails over James' absurdly short Q&A. I'm beginning to wonder if these Con organizers have any clue who they are dealing with. If not, they shall soon find out. :)

All and all, not a bad day....
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