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Another Boring Sunday...

...and no Alias to entertain me. And no ugly dresses at the Golden Globes to amuse me. What? Did people get taste and class this year? Well, there is still an hour to go. I shouldn't abandon hope yet. My mocking is at the ready.

Saw Monster this afternoon in a surprisingly packed theatre. When did serial killer flicks become so popular?Cherlize Theron was terrific. I can understand all the Oscar buzz. Mot many actresses could have made a serial killer sympathetic. Or would have been so willing to sacrifice looks to prove their acting chops.

After deciding to spend the day off the computer, I come on to be bombarded by the efforts of many talented people. saava, mildmay, and _jems_ have all posted gorgeous icons. Go take them and praise them.

And cousinjean has posted not one, but two, chapters of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. I'm now off to read those chapters since I apparently don't have much of any substance to say this evening.
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I wanna watch the ugly dresses! Unfortunately, I have to wait until tonight...unless I go find a website. Now there's an idea...

Seems we're all having a productive day ;)
So far the worst dress I've seen is Sophia Coppola's. It looked like a black potatoe sack on her. And she wore flats with it. Isn't it a rule you have to wear three inch heals to these things?
I didn't much like Mary Louise Parker's boobtacular dress. Also, Nicole Kidman is on stage right now, and I don't like her dress either.
Well, Mary Louise wanted to show them off while she still had them. ;) As for Nicole, I'm not sure what she was thinking with that look. It wasn't up to her usual standards.
Well, Mary Louise wanted to show them off while she still had them. ;)

I have to admit, they were pretty impressive!

By the way, I love that icon.
The last person I thought who would have the lovliest dress was Christina Ricci, but I loved her dress! It was a vintage 1960's gown, can't remember the designer, but she looked so elegant and classy.

And Cate Blanchett glowed, just as pregnant women are supposed to :)