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Damn You Mother Nature!

I'm am sick, sick, sick, sick, sick of this bloody cold! And the snow. And the ice. And the wind blowing in my face. I can't even remember the last time the temperature cracked 20 degrees. That's not even including the lovely windchill. Grrrr. Actually, make that Brrrrr.

And to top it off, the lock on my drivers side door is now broken. Which means I now have to open the car from the passenger side and then dash around to the other side trying to avoid slipping on the ice surrounding the car.

On a happier note, I've discoverd Las Vegas - the TV show, not the city. :p Specifically I discovered Josh Duhamel who is *very* pretty. The guy makes walking on crutches look hot. Course, some of the dialogue and acting suck, but I can always turn the sound down. :)

Anyone else watching Bands Reunited? I think the most entertaining part is that they always seem to get one person who is gung-ho to reunite, one who is oppossed, and everyone else says "Well, I'll do it if they'll do it". Surprisingly, most of these guys don't look like Keith Richards on a bad day.
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Sick of chilly American winters? Come and visit us! No snow ever! Mild winters! And it's a really nice 27 degrees Celsius today. Which is on the cool side for summer, really, but still very nice.

Hope you feel better soon :)
Seconds the Australia idea. It's all warm here and stuff. Very nice, totally welcoming. Come!
Well, if I can scrape together several thousand dollars, I'm so there! :)
Well, since you have been open and honest, so shall I be. I, too, have contemplated seeing Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. I actually don't mind romantic comedies, but this does seem more teen oriented and those generally make me gag. Still, there is shirtless Josh ::drools:: and Topher Grace who makes me laugh.
Are we all a bunch of juveniles?

Um, DUH! ;p Honestly, growing up and becoming mature are sooo overrated.

I e-mailed my friend Stacey this morning about going with me to check out Josh, um, I mean the film. Weather permitting, we shall see it this weekend. :)
I'm a dedicated watcher of Las Vegas. This show is a breath of fresh air. The entire cast is great. This show has a lot of energy and is just plain fun.

On a weather note it's like a yo-yo here in Texas. Sunday the temperature was in the 70's. Now the temperature is 25 degrees. By this weekend, who knows? I like it this way. No chance to get tired of the weather because it is always changing.
A dedictaed watcher! Guess we'll have something else to talk about in chat now. ;)

The show was definitely entertaining (and Josh...pretty :). I quite liked James Cahn too. It's nice to see him have a career resurgence with this and Elf.

Now, the ep I saw seemed to be a repeat and not the one advertised (I was sooo looking forward to mocking Paris Hilton ;). The storyline involving a murder and Vanessa Marcil wigging out becuase of sleep deprevation and too much caffeine was over the top. And the blond chick's acting was 'Eh'. But, like The O.C., it's nice to have a show that doesn't require a lot of thought.

I envy your weather. I'd kill for a 40 degree day right about now. :(

Oh, and like your icon. It makes me laugh. :)