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My Continuing Lament About The Weather

It's still snowing. Granted it's snowing in about half the country right now. Still, it's annoying me. I'm envisioning that damn groundhog stepping out of his home come March. He'll take one look around, say "Screw this", then head back to his hole until road construction season starts (we in Michigan have that in lieu of what the rest of you affectionatly call spring).

The roads were bad enough today that the office shut down at 4:00. I assume the logic being we were less likely to get into an accident while it was still daylight. Tell that to the folks stuck in Ionia amidst a 50 car pile up that happened around 2:00.

Sadly, we weren't allowed to go before one of the partners decided that raising his voice at me would get me to cave into his demands. It didn't. Five minutes later when he realized he wasn't going to get anywhere, he had his secretary call me and say "nevermind". Uh-Huh. I still discussed the matter with my boss who told me I was right and he was wrong. Hee and Hee.

On a brighter note, weather permitting *crosses fingers*, my friend Stacey and I are going to see Win A Date With Tad Hamilton this weekend. OK, I can see most of you going "Huh?" "What?" "I thought she had good taste in movies." Well, I do. I also have exceptional taste in good looking men so two words: Josh Duhamel.

Johnny Depp has never been nominated for an Oscar before? I really thought he had. I have no idea whether he finds it hysterically funny or bitterly disappointing that his past work has been overlooked and he gets nominated for a summer blockbuster that he probably did just for the Hell of it.

Just a tip for those of you watching VH-1 Bands Reunited - if the show is only a half hour, the band probably didn't reunite. Yep, I can perfectly understand how members of a one hit wonder band that no one has thought of in ten years would want to wait for the 'right opportunity'. Newsflash, it's your only opportunity.

Now I'm off to see if my MIA friend writteninstars is on IM. If not, I'm off to bed.

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