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Flashback Weekend

It's official. We suckers, um, I mean devoted fans (which include myself, writteninstars, lynnb, and dragonfly0303 ), have opted to attend Flashback Weekend in Chicago. No James this year, but as soon as I heard Christian Kane was performing with his band it convinced me to go. Since I'm not obsessing over meeting James, this should be a far more relaxing Con. Hopefully, we'll also will be able to squeeze in some non-related Con activities this time around. :)
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Oh, that sounds like fun! And Christian Kane! :) I hope you all have a wonderful time. :)
Ooh, Christian Kane! Sounds very cool. And most of the fun of conventions is meeting with other fans, anyway. Sounds like a cool trip!
Coolness! Are you gonna drive there? Cuz I MIGHT be interested in coming (although at this point it's a big might...) Christian Kane, drool.
Me, drive to Chicago? That's a scary prospect. Right now I'm looking at taking the train in which is pretty reasonably priced and I can get some extra sleep. :)

I can understand with all your recent Con activity hesitating on this one. It doesn't have the list of attendees that, let's say, the Oakland Con has. I'm still hoping they add some more guests. But, since I'll be staying with friends my only big expense is the Con package itself, hence opting to go for it.
Yeah...I'm guessing they will add more (they had like 6 ppl last yr?) but it's just a question of *who*...anyway, I'm tempted to just go for the Kane concert at least, I dunno. ;) But the transport thing is kind of an issue. I don't even really wanna spend $ on train/bus even, bleh. Cons are so damn expensive these days!! And I am addicted!

Where are your friends, do they live in Chicago or are they doin' the hotel thang?
Cons are getting more and more expensive. Someday I'll wonder if the organizers will price themselves out of the business.

My friends live about an hour away from Chicago. We drove back and forth last time around. Part of me misses hanging with people at the hotel at night. Then again, staying in a house is far more comfortable.