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Late Night Ramblings

I watched the Ryan Seacrest show earlier this evening. David was quite gracious. Andy and J August didn't say too much. And then there was James. James, what are we to do with you? He alone makes me wish that the guys from Queer Eye will do a celebrity addition. I'm sooo sick of the black turtleneck, faded blue jeans, and ratty sneakers. At least steal from the set like all actors do.

Why is it that there is an incerdibly cute guy on American Idol who I've never heard sing? And he just made the final 32 so he must have some talent. It would be nice to hear it. Oh, his name is Matthew!

Awwww, Scooter Girl (AKA Nicole) just got cut. Damn, I thought she had a really nice voice.

Since it's tomorrow in England.....


Three days into the work week and I haven't had the urge to kill. OK, I'm now waiting for the other show to drop.

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