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Sleepy thoughts on Angel.....what number is this?

While this episode had some great character moments, the storyline was a bit thin. I find it hard to believe spending a couple days with Cordy and beating the crap out of Lindsey reaffirms Angel's purpose in life. I have nothing against Fury, but I think had Joss written this it would have been a stronger story overall. Still, I enjoyed it a lot.

It's all well and good that Angel *finally* admits he made a mistake in joining Wolfram & Hart, though extracting himself may not be so simple. Granted, Gunn may have ulterior motives (anyone else wonder he may lose what he's gained if he leaves?) in staying. Yet, I have to agree there would be ramifications for all of them if they quit (and would it negate the mind wipe?)

OK, I must ask. Is Wes/Alexis getting better looking? Either that or he should always where that olive green sweater.

Angel didn't seem to know where Cordy was located in the hospital. He hasn't stopped by to visit her at all???

DB's response to Cordy's excitement at shopping seemed to be yet another homage. It's almost the exact same reaction he had when he bought her a new wardrobe in Season 2 to make amends.

I appreciated how they acknowledged the events of last season, helping to clarify a bit what they remember. There have now been far too many references to the mind wipe to believe it won't play a major role yet this season.

I hate to sound catty (but I will! ;). Does Charisma believe that we won't notice her limited acting ability if we're distracted by her bosom?

Please excuse the next few paragraphs as those of a the slightly immature, geeky, lust filled, fangirl.....

Lindsey! Angel! The Fight! Lindsey!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Coolest fight scene ever! Wow. I mean, WOW! Either Christian Kane is an incredibly fast learner or "The Tiny Texan" ;) has had some experience with swords/dueling. I was mighty impressed with the boy's moves. So much so I wasn't even annoyed with the slo-mo leaping from platform to platform.

Having read other peoples comments, I came to notice three reoccurring observations/speculations regarding Lindsey:

1. This was a mighty lame resolution to the his storyline. Especially since many thought Lindsey was to be the Big Bad for the season.

2. Lindsey's reason for being was to get revenge on Angel and, again, very lame.

3. We've seen the last of Lindsey.

Let me rebut the above and before anyone accuses me of revealing spoilers, I know nothing when it comes to any future (assuming I'm right and I am 99.9% of the time :p) Lindsey appearances. I find it unfathomable that they brought back Christian Kane back (and that he agreed to come back) to be dispatched in such a, yes, lame and abrupt manner. Joss has killed Angel, Spike, and Buffy (twice). Even those that have died naturally (Joyce) have popped back up later in some form or another. So, how can anyone believe Lindsey is really gone?

I'm not sure Lindsey is the Big Bad for the season (I have wacky theories that it could be Wes, or even Angel, but that's for another discussion). I do believe he will be revealed to be a big part of whatever is yet to come. I'll certainly buy that Lindsey hates Angel and, sure, he'd enjoy seeing the Angel suffer after what he put him through in the past. But, Angel got what Lindsey worked for? Hmmm, I seem to recall Lindsey walking away from it all on his own accord. I never had any sense that Angel was the center of his universe nor that he would have spent the last two plus years plotting to take him down.

I don't think Lindsey just played Spike, I think he may have played everybody. The tattoos explain how he slipped past any type of surveillance, but what about his nifty new powers? I don't recall Wes saying anything about them giving Lindsey super strength or the ability to transform a small knife into a sword. The two seem completely independent.

And how does Lindsey suddenly go from doing a decent job of kicking Angel's ass to throwing punches at the air? Call me crazy, my immediate thought was Lindsey wanted to be taken up to see the Senior Partners.

It was pointed out earlier that only three people knew about Conner - Angel, Cordy, and Eve. Eve, in the know and in direct contact with the Senior Partners would have been invaluable to Lindsey in breaking into W&H and feeding key information to the gang at just the right moments. For someone who has had flames below her feet supposedly, it only took two punches for her to talk?

Other random observations:

It was lovely that they chose to included the video of Doyle. It served so many purposes. Reuniting the three original cast members for the last time. Setting up Cordy's "The first soldier down" and "used his last breath to make sure you'd keep fighting" remarks which foreshadowed what she knew was to come for herself. And it was just plain heartbreaking as we watched knowing Glenn Quinn really was gone never to return.

" let them rape the memories of your friends who trust you." Got to say I was a bit surprised they put it in such blunt terms even though it is the truth. Again, I have to believe the mind wipe is going to bite Angel in the ass big time once they all discover how Angel chose to alter their lives without consent.

What was with The Look? I'm not even anti-Fresley, but that was just...odd. Doing spells gets Fred hot now? Least it's not vampires...

I adores the scene in Angel's office when they all confront Eve. Especially Harm 'torturing her for the team', the Lindsey revelation, and my favorite exchange:

Angel: "I'm not going to risk anyone I care about"
Spike: "I'll go"
Angel: "OK"


I'm glad they chose to convey that being played really didn't seem to effect Spike much. Sure, he was a bit disgusted with himself for being lulled into the sense he had a destiny, but he didn't seem devastated by the truth of the situation. And how cool was it that they *all* went out for drinks together. :)

The kiss? Convinced me that A/C never would have worked. Not that Charisma and David don't have a certain chemistry, I just failed to the spark of romance. While I was a bit bummed by her death, it did seem fitting in a way. Besides, she's probably only mostly dead anyway. ;)
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