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Since I haven't ranted in a while.....

Not only am I sick to death of Janet Jackson's boob, the NFL and the networks reactions now seem bent on defining the term stupidity. I agree, Janet baring her breast during a half time show was inappropriate (then again neither were the half dressed, writhing dancers surrounding her on stage).

As many in the media have pointed out, Lil Kim bared as much during the MTV Music Awards a couple years back. But, we've come to expect (sadly) that kind of behavior in that type of forum. In fairness to the families watching, it's not something you were prepared to see during a football game.

Having said all that, the behavior I'm seeing of network and NFL execs is equally, if not more so, offensive to me. Apparently no celebrity can be trusted now. Newsflash: taking a stance of guilt by association is not OK. It was inconceivable to me when I heard that the NFL removed Justin Timberlake's bandmate (sorry, can't recall his name) from the Pro Bowl half time show just in case he *might* do something wrong. Are they afraid that Justin's evil cooties spred? (BTW, I actually believe Justin when he said he didn't know this would happen. The guy is not that good of an actor and he seemed visibly upset when defending himself.)

Last night, of course, NBC edited a scene of ER in which a seventy year old woman's breast was to be shown. Yes, nothing screams 'sexually provocative' like a geriatric woman who's heart the doctors are trying to get restarted. About a year or so ago CSI showed the breasts of an actress who was being examined in the morgue. Funny that never made the national news.

An 11 year old girl was abducted and murdered this week in Florida. Let's get morally outraged about the behavior behind that.

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