Asta 2

The Grammy's and Oh My God, Richard Marx is popular again!

I didn't even know Richard co-wrote 'Dance with My Father' and now he has a Grammy! Yes, I was a fan in his pop idol days, I admit it. And may I add he doesn't look like he's aged a day.

Other observations....

Never been a fan of Prince, but I gotta admit I really liked the new arrangements of his songs and his performance with Beyonce.

I was shocked, shocked! to see Christina fully clothed during a very good rendition of 'Beautiful' (the girl has a terrific voice when she chooses to showcase it). For a moment I thought maybe she was going for a new, improved image. The moment left when she came up on stage to pick up her award. Honey, if you're worried about pulling a Janet, keep them restrained. Please.

I don't know why he did it, I don't care that he did it, Sting still looks hot even in a skirt. :p

Not to sound ageist, but some folks *really* should be considering retirement from performing. Some of you don't got the funk anymore.

I love Dave Matthews, but I think he should refrain from singing Beatles songs.

Beyonce's solo performance was gorgeous, but I'm still trying to figure out why we had to have a bird fly into her hand.

Is it just me or were there a lot of technical glitches this year? For a show with a five minute delay, you would have thought they'd edit their mistakes out.

Anyone else hear scarlettfish all the way from Australia during the announcement of the Best New Artist award? ;)
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Have I told you lately that I love you? ::sings just for you and watches you cringe and cover your ears::

You almost make me wish I had watched the darned show instead of reading the great new book by Walter Mosley. ;-)
You really didn't miss much. It was mostly blah. blah, blah, song, blah, blah, bad joke, blah, blah, song, blah get the idea.

Unfortunately I posted before I Antoine from Outkast sang 'Hey Yeah' - I'm curious to see what the Native American community will have to say about that performance. And my friend TC who thinks he's nuts. :)
Well, I certainly didn't. Because I'm now deaf and can't hear myself talk ;)
What Crystal said - you made me feel as if I'd watched the show :)

Ooh, did Prince sing Kiss? That's my favorite song of his.

Richard Marx is a Chicago boy, so I'm happy to hear about his Grammy :) He moved back here some years ago, I think he's still here. He's married to Cynthia Rhodes, that tall lovely blond dancer from Dirty Dancing.
No, he didn't perform 'Kiss'. I read a while back that he had become rather religious and refused to perform some of his songs now. Not sure if that is one of them or if his new views were a passing phase or not.

I had forgotten that Richard was from Chicago. Cynthia was with him and looked stunning. I'd love to know their beauty secrets.
Thanks. For some reason I thought he'd performed Kiss at a Golden Globes party, but they could have been wrong. Gee, if he's somewhat religious now, that leaves out a lot of his songs, lol.

Glad to hear Cynthia was there. Stunning, and they have several kids too. Wonder if they've found a magic spring or something.
So that was a skirt (on Sting)? That was my first impression, but then I was like nah, it's probably a long
Sting was wearing a skirt?? I missed it. I am now sad. :(

Cynthia Rhodes is from my neck of the woods here in Tennessee. Just thought you'd want to know that. I'm sure you can work into some important conversation today.