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I'm Sensing A Conspiracy To Reveal My Inner Star Wars Geek

I just went over to the Entertainment Weekly site and found this somewhat pleasent surprise:

Wookiee Monster

First ''Star Wars'' trilogy finally hits DVD. On Sept. 21, George Lucas will release a four-disc set that contains only his 1997 revised ''special edition'' versions of ''Star Wars,'' ''Empire,'' and ''Jedi'' by Gary Susman

Step aside, Frodo; get out of the way, Indiana Jones. What may be the most anticipated DVD package since the advent of the format is finally hitting stores: the initial ''Star Wars'' trilogy. Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox announced Monday that they'll release on Sept. 21 a four-disc set that includes the long-awaited DVD debuts of ''Star Wars,'' ''The Empire Strikes Back,'' ''The Return of the Jedi,'' and a fourth disc of supplemental materials, including cast interviews. But there is a catch, young Padawans.

The rub: the DVDs won't contain the original theatrical versions of the films, even as alternate DVD tracks. Rather, they will contain only George Lucas' digitally revised ''special editions'' that were released theatrically in 1997. ''The original versions technically don't exist,'' says Lucasfilm's Jim Ward, the project's executive producer, according to USA Today. ''[Lucas] wanted to represent the films as they exist in his mind, and that's the special-editions versions.'' Call it a Jedi mind trick -- these aren't the extras you're looking for.

This news is not as thrilling as it should be. Why does Lucas insist on only giving us the Special Editions? (And btw I find it to be complete crap when they state the original versions don't technically exist.) They could easily put out both versions, up the price by $40, and we'd still line up to get copies. But, apparently George prefers the butchered versions. I'll spare you my rant on the travesty of Greedo shooting first.....

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