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I Need A Weekend Away From My Weekend

Apparently I can't sleep or leave the apartment, I miss too much!

The Angel cancellation aftermath continues. I read two posts of interst on all this. Joss' feelings can be found here. And Tensai at the SpoilerSlayer (no worries - no spoilers in his discussion) has some very insightful and *fair* thoughts Here.

He's the first person I've seen thank The WB for giving us five years of Buffy and five years of Angel. Honestly, had the shows been on any one of the Big Four, would that have happened? At most, The WB is ending the show a year sooner than Joss anticipated. I do feel for him, the cast, and the crew, but I still find it interesting that he's 'shocked' by this decision but had planned the season finale to also serve as a series finale.

And on a somewhat realted note, thanks to abbagirl I just found out David will be at Flashback Weekend. Now *that* was a bit of a surprise, though he is friends with Christian. I checked my e-mail to find a notification of his appearance and a follow-up. The second e-mail said that tickets would be going on sale 2/21/04. Huh? I already purchased my ticket. I have to pay additional to see him? I hope I'm interpreting this wrong because I think my $220 should cover at least one Q&A and autograph with him.
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