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Decapitating puppets? Funny...Every...Time. :)

Maybe it was the low expectations (hey, Angel turns into a puppet, do you blame me?) but I really enjoyed this episode. Compliment or not, I’m not quite sure, I thought this was one of David’s best performances. Of course, who ever was manipulating PuppetAngel deserves kudos too. One of my favorite bits when both worked so well together is Angel rushing across the room (vampire speed? ;), grabbing on to Fred, and announcing how much he loves these guys. :)

Is it just plain funny or significant that the most emotional we’ve seen Angel all season is when he is essentially turned into an inanimate object?

Where to begin with everything I liked...

How about the scene between Angel and Wes discussing relationships. God how I’ve missed just hearing these two talk. It was a nice buddy moment and long overdue. And thank you Wes for telling him to ‘get over it’ already. Good point about the ‘perfect happiness’ clause. Do most people have it? Noooooo. I don’t mean to diss Nina but I don’t think she’ll be filling Buffy’s stylish yet affordable boots anytime soon. Angel needs to know he can have some happiness and Nina is perhaps one of the best opportunities Angel will have. So go for the “acceptable happiness” fella.

I like Nina. I hope to see more of her. And I like that she can bring out Angel’s dorkier side, I’ve missed that too. Maybe why I enjoyed this ep is because it had so many of the lighthearted moments that could be found in the first two season but have popped up less and less since then.

What about dear, sweet, incredibly hot, clueless Wes. I love it when people can dish out such good advice, yet are oblivious to their own situation. I thought I’d have more issues with this seemingly sudden turn in the Wes/Fred relationship. Surprisingly, I don’t. For Wes, this isn’t sudden. He’s been in love with Fred for several years.

As for Fred’s change of heart, maybe it’s not the best way to go about it, but ME let us know that quite a bit had been going on off screen the past few months. Angel and Nina were quite the watercooler topic with the ladies of the firm. Fred and Knox had gone on several dates until she realized he wasn’t for her. So, sure, I’ll buy that her feelings for Wes have grown and she was ready for a relationship to progress. Would have I liked to have seen it grow more on screen? Yes. But then I’ve been spoiled by Buffy and Spike. ;)

David Fury has a hand shoved up his back and someone is pulling his strings? Insert your own psychoanalysis here. ;)

Hey, Lorne contributed again! And they finally found a way to put his knowledge of the entertainment industry to use. But, did anyone else want to see Spike at the other end of Fury’s offer of hot cocoa with the little marshmallows? ;)

Speaking of Spike....I’ll admit I laughed during his *one* scene. Take that scene out though and it would have altered nothing. The one interesting thing about it though was Spike was there to get another car? After all the crap Spike has put Angel through, he’s giving him cars? One would almost think that was an act of...friendship.

Did the Nest Egg remind anyone else of the promo images for the original Alien?

If one thing bothered me about this episode it was the reason for the puppet's actions. They’re demons from Hell going into business for themselves? O....K.....

No, I didn’t forget about Gunn. TPTB giveth and TPTB taketh away. Interesting. And why? Now he’s made a deal with the doc to get his mojo back. Well, I think we can assume this will end badly. Actually, everyone got what they wanted in this episode. That can only me one thing - they, and we, are doomed.
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