Asta 2

For Your Sakes, I Shall Refrain From Singing

Two very special people are celebrating Birthdays today (I shall leave it up to you all to define ‘special’ :-)

For my little reckleslinguist.....

You know Hugh are one Hell of a gal
Your salacious wit and wisdom always ready to Bloom
There is no question, you are the Marsters of your domain
And,ers, contrary to your protestations, you quite enjoy being Joshed

So, was I too subtle? ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sweetie. I will forever be grateful to our mutual friend Wis for hauling you into chat. :D Now, if she could only haul you to Chicago. :p

And another HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the one, the only caille. Your fanfic forum was responsible for corrupting me (quit laughing :p). Your posts now are a constant source of insight and amusement. Thank goodness for LJ allowing us group of troublemakers, freethinkers, Buffy lovers! to remain intact. :)
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Thank you for the excellent poem. Free verse, I'm guessing? Anyway, you've obviously got my number cause I agree with everything you said. ;p. Thanks again for the fabulous present.