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Saturday Night Fever

No, I'm not watching the movie nor do I have a fever, I just couldn't think of anything else for a subject line and it is Saturday. :p

So, what exciting thing am I up to at the moment? I'm watching Bugs Bunny! And Daffy! Gotta love a duck who can be shot five times in the head and still come up with the wisecrack. :-)

Yes, I finally cracked open some of my birthday DVD's. I think even if I had a week off from work I still wouldn't be able to get through them all. I have such thoughtful and generous friends. I *finally* have all seasons of Buffy and Angel on DVD! Not to mention a slew of other stuff I wanted. Amazon wish lists definitely pay off. :) Course, now I sound greedy. But if people say they don't enjoy receiving prezzies, they are lying. :p

Color me shocked it was actually spring-like today. It had to be around 50. I even dared go out without my scarf and gloves. Still wasn't willing to leave my coat behind, Michigan weather is too unpredictable to take chances.

Had a lovely belated birthday breakfast this morning with my friend Stacey. She knitted me an even lovelier blue scarf. And gave me a necklace which is questionable whether I'll wear or not. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I have this thing about wearing anything around my neck.

After breakfast, I came home and crashed on the couch for a couple hours. I hadn't gotten as much sleep as I would have liked the night before and wanted to rest up for my planned shoe shopping expedition.

Can someone tell me if Famous Footwear is in financial difficulty? Two of the four stores in town (the two nearest me) both have disappeared. So, I went to Plan B - Shoe Carnival. As luck would have it, this was the last day of an additional 50% off their clearance items sale. That meant I picked a pair of $70 boots up for $17 and a $40 pair of shoes for $10. I also picked up a pair of black dress shoes for $30. Not exactly what I was looking for, but far nicer than my current black dress shoes that I am sick to death of.

After that I went over to Kohls, land of the perpetual sale. I've been looking to accessorize more. I don't own a single belt and belts are 'in' now. But, being thrifty, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on them. Again, I lucked out and found a huge final clearance selection. So, I was able to nab three belts that normal would have cost $60 for $11.

Finally, I went to Best Buy to return a CD which I had purchased then been given a copy for my birthday. Miraculously, I escaped the store without buying anything.

This evening I started the process of cleaning out the magazines that have been piling up around me. It's my first step to eliminating clutter. I'm also hoping to get me CD's and DVD's reorganized this weekend. That could keep me occupied during the massive lulls during the Oscar telecast tomorrow. Or, maybe, I'll get around to posting mmy delayed thoughts on 'A Whole in the World'. Though, I think everyone else has it pretty well covered by now.

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