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Oscar Thoughts

dtissagrl and sweet_ali pretty much summed up all my thoughts already, so go read their LJ's and save me some time. :)

A few things I did pick up which I thought were nice...

I saw Johnny Depp on the red carpet prior to the show. After the initial shock of seeing a cleaned up, sophisticated Johnny, I actually picked up on part of what he was saying. He's one of the few individuals I'd believe when he said he didn't expect to win but wanted to show his appreciation to the Academy for simply nominating him. He went on to say he just planned on applauding the eventual winner. Sure enough, when Sean Penn's name was read, Johnny was one of the first out of his seat applauding. Class act. :)

(Not so classy, Francis Ford Coppola who refused to applaud and looked mighty displeased. Francis, it's not Sean's fault he won.)

The lasting impression award goes to....Tom Cruise. No, not for his presentation of the best director statue, but for Renee Zellweger's mention of him in her acceptance speech. How many years ago was Jerry Maguire? And she stil felt compelled to mention that he taught her that you can be a star and a nice person. That really says a lot to me as to what kind of person he is.

I know some folks miss the political speeches and the brouhaha that follows, but I was relieved there was little of that this year. Tim Robbins scared me for a moment with his "And one more thing..." but then made an admirable statement (and one we can all agree on) asking victims of abuse to seek assistance.

All and all a rather dignified telecast. It even seemed to go by rather quickly. Then again, I spent half the show typing up thoughts on Angel.

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